Terms Of Reference

Terms - Updated Aug 2016

Moreland Food Gardens Network (MFGN)

MFGN provides an opportunity for people in Moreland to come together on a regular basis to share information and collaborate in a variety of ways to improve food access and urban agriculture in the area.

In a nutshell we...

Provide an opportunity to share information, experiences, skills and ideas related to food and community gardening
Advocate for food-related issues
Facilitate improvements to access of free/affordable & healthy food
Promote healthy living, social inclusion, local food production and sustainable practices
Maintain an online resource for the wider community to share the network’s information & related events

Want to join us? here's a little bit about membership... (& its free!)

Membership for the Network includes representatives from Moreland residents, community groups, organisations and services these include:
  • Residents
  • Volunteers
  • Community Gardens
  • Permaculture
  • Horticulture
  • Community Health Services
  • Health Promotion/Community Development
  • Academics
  • Policy makers
  • Schools
  • Councils
Groups or individuals wishing to become a member should email
morelandfoodgardensnetwork@gmail.com explaining why they want to become a member. Membership requests must be approved by at least 2 existing members.

Individual agencies or community groups shall internally appoint their own network representatives and agree to arrange a proxy who will attend meetings if the usual representative/s is unable to attend.

Decisions shall be made by consensus where possible and by a majority vote when consensus is not possible.

Guest speakers & visitors are sometimes invited to attend MFGN gatherings. Visitors have no voting rights.

Network members will cease to be a member of the Network if they resign from the network

Network members gather informally 4 times a year. These gatherings are open to the public.

• Members follow the communication and online publishing guidelines on MFGN website, social media and google group.  Guidelines are received upon joining.


Gatherings are held four times a year. Usually on a Friday night 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  Usually location rotate, sometimes at different community gardens, community houses or somewhere within Moreland.

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