Friday, December 30, 2011

Transition Coburg Meeting - 3rd Jan 8pm

Have you always wanted be to involved in a Transition Initiative?

Do you live in Coburg?
Do your friends live in Coburg?
Do you want to move to Coburg?

You do now... Introducing Transition Coburg!

We currently looking for supporters and people wanting to be involved in growing this awesome initiative in the backyards and community near you!

3rd Meeting: Tuesday 3rd January 2012 8pm

Contact us via our website for meeting location

Happy New Year,

Transition Coburg

Greening Moreland Forum: Acting together for a more sustainable neighbourhood (Feb 25)

Gotta say, MEFL/ZCM are really doing some great stuff for Moreland. If you haven't looked at their website, do it now and make sure you note this in your calendar and come along.

Zero Carbon Moreland presents a free event for residents and community groups to come together, explore what’s already happening, what we still need to do and how we can act together for a more sustainable Moreland.

Participants will also have opportunities to calculate their carbon footprint, test ride electric bicycles, and get sustainability advice from the Moreland Energy Foundation team. Then wind down with a free BBQ lunch!

When: Saturday 25 February, 10am – 1pm (followed by free BBQ)
Where: Coburg Town Hall
Cost: Free!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Community Garden Tour ON YA BIKE! Northcote - Clifton Hill. Tomorrow 10am-1.30pm

All you need to know follows below!

What: Tour five community gardens from Northcote to Clifton Hill!

When : Tomorrow, Saturday 10th November, 10am-1:30pm.

Where: Meet at Northcote Community Garden, corner of Harrington St & Hawthorn Rd,
(Melways 30 E8).

Bring: water, snacks, raincoat, bike (obviously!) and your peddling legs.

Contact: Hannah from Cultivating Community on 0418 307 294 for more info.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moreland's Open Space Strategy - join others, have your say until 25th December

What can you remember about the year 2004?
  • Athens hosted the Olympics, 
  • The Asian Tsunami ended the year,
  • There was no iPhone yet, 
It feels like a long time ago doesn't it? So much has changed.

2004 is the last time Moreland City Council reviewed its Open Space Strategy.

Until now, that is!

Moreland Street Gardens - The story so far & upcoming Brunswick Plant-a-gift day (Sat 10 Dec)

What a year!

It's been a busy, productive year for the Friends of Moreland Street Gardens (AKA Adopt A Tree). They've worked on 21 sites and planted over 2,000 plants all in an effort make Moreland a happier, healthier, greener and cleaner place to live by supporting residents and businesses who want to “adopt” public land to plant trees, shrubs, herbs or vegetables.

For people waiting for their site to be adopted, MSG are working on getting more funding and aim to have it by next March 2012. 

For a bit more info, at the the end of this post are links to a few articles from the Moreland Leader or contact Adopt A Tree at

Plant-a-gift this festive season

When: Sat 10 Dec, 10am-1.30pm

Friday, December 2, 2011

South Melbourne Commons opening day! Sat 10 Dec 10-4pm

Out of the Moreland area, but worth a visit to see what is happening!

The South Melbourne Commons (The Commons) is a unique urban development comprised of public open space, community facilities and retail orientated social enterprises on the site of the old Galilee School on the corner of Bank and Montague Street, South Melbourne.

As The Commons is a joint initiative of Friends of the Earth and the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, our vision encapsulates the dynamic social and environmental qualities of both organizations.

What's at the Commons:

Monday, November 28, 2011

Coburg Food Swap & Interfath Celebration, Dec 3rd,10 - 12noon at PepperTree Place

Food, Faith and Fabric Fun
Celebrate the diversity within our local community by sharing good food, fun activities and stories of how different people live life and practice their faith.

Add your touch to a story mural and help paint a picture that reflects the special festivals celebrated around this time of year, including: Bodhi Day, Eid ul-Adha, Diwali, Advent, Christmas, Solstice and Hunukkah.

Snack on treats from around the world while sipping real coffee brought to you by the dynamo Crew at the Cafe Cooperative. Volunteer-powered and by-donation, there is no better way to start a Saturday!

Home-Grown Edibles Swap table and PepperTree Community Nursery open to all as always.

Cost: FREE!!!

When: Saturday Dec 3rd, 10am - 12noon

Where: 512 Sydney Rd., Coburg

Contact: info(at) or Claire on 0431 494 773

Volunteers welcome!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Community Cooking Workshop at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre (25th Nov)

Learn to make delicious food in a wood fired oven. Workshops are hosted by local residents from Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre as part of the Growing Diversity Project.

Book in session Friday 25th Nov. 2011

11am - 1pm (Members $10 $5/ Guests $15)

Mulberry Gardens 120 Glenroy Rd Melways 16K2

Due to the threat of rain, the 25th November  workshop will be moving from Mulberry Gardens to Room 3 Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 5 Cromwell Street  Glenroy VIC 3046. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. 

For more info contact Rasha Tayeh or PH: 9389 2269

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Establishing Mulberry Gardens Food Forest

Sheet mulching to allow understory plants to establish

It began with a large area of asphalt and a dream of expanding our community garden. Mulberry Gardens is in Glenroy, Melbourne and operates entirely as a communal space. All members share in the upkeep and harvest the produce - which is mostly shared amongst attendees at the Saturday morning communal sessions. The number of fast food and alcohol shops vastly out weights fresh food outlets in the area so a community garden was established to help give locals access to fresh organic produce and share the skills of produce growing.
Last year we were lucky enough to get some funding from the Australian Open Gardens Grants to rip up a large section of asphalt and put in a food forest. (Reclaiming the hard surfaces of the city- every gardeners dream!)
The full article is available on the Permaculture Research Institute website:
For more information about the garden contact Elspeth:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mulberry Gardens Open Day - Saturday 19th November

Mulberry Gardens Open Day

Saturday 19th November 2011

11am - 3pm

120 Glenroy Rd Melways 16K2

Wood fired oven cooking workshops, plants sales, food swap, cafe, children's & gardening activities...

Come down & enjoy this fantastic day!

For more info contact Rasha Tayeh or PH: 9389 2269 h

Urban Roots - Community Agriculture Revolution in Detroit

Tomorrow is your chance to see Urban Roots, an empowering documentary about the revolution in urban farming taking place in the abandoned suburbs of Detroit. From the website:

URBAN ROOTS is a documentary that tells the story of the spontaneous emergence of urban farming in the city of Detroit. Detroit, once an industrial powerhouse of a lost American era, is a city devastated by the loss of half its population due to the collapse of manufacturing.
By the looks of it, the city has died.

But now, against all odds, in the empty lots, in the old factory yards, and in-between the sad, sagging blocks of company housing, seeds of change are taking root. With the most vacant lots in the country, citizens are reclaiming their spirits by growing food.

A small group of dedicated citizens have started an urban environmental movement with the potential to transform not just a city after its collapse, but also a country after the end of its industrial age.

Urban Roots shows dedicated Detroiters working tirelessly to fulfil their vision for locally-grown, sustainably farmed food in a city where people have found themselves cut off from real food and limited to the lifeless offerings of fast food chains, mini-marts, and grocery stores stocked with processed food from thousands of miles away.

The people of Detroit have taken on the enormous task of changing this for themselves, and to understand their story is to understand how we can change it for us all.

URBAN ROOTS is screening on Tuesday 8 November 2011 at 6pm at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

"What will we eat?" (Video) - How FSPUD will improve health, reduce road snarl, tackle climate change, provide jobs

Recently, one of our friends attended a forum conducted by the Heart Foundation that had the catchy title:

"Food-sensitive planning and urban design [FSPUD for short]: A conceptual framework for achieving a sustainable and healthy food system"

FSPUD is described as:
"an approach to planning and urban design that addresses the critical intersects between public health nutrition; planning and urban design; and environmental sustainability. FSPUD builds on the healthy built environment focus pioneered by the Heart Foundation over the past 15 years. Through FSPUD, professionals, policy makers, communities and elected representatives can develop a shared understanding of how the urban environment can incorporate planning and design elements that support a resilient and healthy and sustainable food system."
Surely it's good for urban agriculture prospects that a forum like this has even happened in Melbourne. Let's hope something substantial comes of it. Maybe next time it could happen in Moreland...

If you visit their website, there are some useful resources from the forum available to download.

If you yearn for cogent and articulate advocacy for the benefits of urban agriculture, whether it's health, employment, transport, climate change (I know there are bound to be more) and you're after something you can just absorb (let's face it reading is pretty hard work)  - watch this video.

Under 8 minutes long, the film features people from Vancouver, Chicago and New York talking about urban agriculture projects in their areas, the benefits, justifications etc.

What will we eat? from Heart Foundation on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Petty's Orchard Working Bee - Sunday 6th November 10am-2pm (Doncaster)

Take a few turns off the main road in Templestowe/Doncaster and you can find yourself surrounded by amazing apple trees at Petty's Orchard.

This place has real horticultural history and their annual antique apple tasting festival in March is well worth a visit. Fantastic to find a working orchard so close to our urban metropolis.

This Sunday (and on the first Sunday of every month) between 10 am and 2 pm you can get involved with the orchard by helping out at on their working bees organised by the Heritage Fruits Society.

This week: 
  • Pruning, 
  • Irrigation system, 
  • Tidying, 
  • Tree guards, 
  • Labels.

The trees will be just starting to flower, so recording flowering might be good. At least it should be a lovely sight.

Contact John at or just come along.

Oh and to top it off, morning tea is provided!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Urban community agriculture: we could learn a few things from the UK (orchards & meanwhile leases)

Now, no-one is saying Melbourne needs 2012 new community gardens like London (although it would be a stunning achievement) but what a difference it would make if local, state and federal governments were to adopt clearly stated policy positions that:
  • Recognise the value of urban food production, giving active (even legislative?) support and encouragement,
  • Set specific, achievable, time-bound targets for establishing more community growing spaces in Moreland,
  • Establish clear criteria for the use of existing council-owned land zoned as open space for community supported urban agriculture projects,
Here are a couple of initiatives from the UK that could inspire action here in Moreland. As you read on, think about those vacant blocks you walk past on your way to somewhere else and what could be done with them given a little effort and imagination and a co-operative landlord.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moreland community composting hubs are just around the corner! Coburg and Brunswick

A recent survey of 1000 residents revealed that only one third of Moreland residents are composting their food and garden waste. The main reasons people had for not composting were lack of space and lack of knowledge. Council has been working with local residents and community gardens to develop three community composting hub trial sites to help tackle this issue.

The first community composting hub site to be launched will be at PepperTree Place, in conjunction with PepperTree’s annual Coburg Garden Fiesta on the 5th November. A free composting workshop at 10.30am will be provided to anyone interested in being involved in a community composting hub. To register your interest in attending this workshop, please email info(at)

The remaining two community composting hubs at Wolseley Street, Coburg and Park Street, Brunswick will follow shortly after PepperTree Place.

If you are interested in using the community composting hubs you can register here

Financial Policies and Resources for Moreland Community Gardens

As part of the partnership grant with the Moreland City Council, Merri Corner Community Garden agreed to document thier systems and processes for use by other groups.

On the "Official Stuff" page of the website you can find Garden Rules, Safety and OHS Guidelines, and Financial Policies and Procedures, all of which should be useful starting points for other Moreland garden projects.

Over time Merri Corner hopes to develop and post other useful resources on their site. If you are aware of other resources that may be valuable to Moreland projects then please let us know.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Double the Dandy: buy Veggie seedlings and support your community!

Come on down this Saturday and support the amazing 'Stewart Lodge Well Being Garden' simply by buying seedlings for your garden!! Plus a chance to see the garden and perhaps have a yarn with some of the residents who help care for the garden... 10am till 12pm 83 Stewart Street, Brunswick

Lalor Community Garden Grand Opening celebration Tuesday November 8th

What to expect...

morning tea, laughter, heartfelt speeches, belly dance & Tai Chi performances, unveiling of an amazing garden art work, kids activities, a photo exhibition of our garden journey so far and sharing our ideas for the future (including growing into the paddock next door!!), a BBQ lunch...AND a take home ‘Lalor garden path story book’! All friendly and free! :-)

What if it rains?

No worries ... We have plenty of space in the gym next door to the garden

What: You are warmly invited to celebrate the opening of our wonderful Lalor Garden

When: Tuesday 8 November 2011

Where: Peter Lalor Vocational College

21-39 Duncan Road, Lalor,

Time: 10am-1.30pm (Grand opening between 11am and 12pm)

RSVP: Please confirm if coming by November 2nd so we can bake enough cakes for EVERYONE! Please feel free to invite and bring friends!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Opportunity within the troubles at the West Brunswick Community Garden

Back in June, there were signs that trouble was brewing at the West Brunswick Community Garden.

An article in today's Moreland Leader suggests matters are coming now to a head.
"MORELAND Council has ordered a management overhaul of West Brunswick Community Garden, which has fallen into disarray following conflict between members. The council will seek expressions of interest for a new committee and said its constitution and by-laws must be updated and a new lease signed."
After the disappointing and unexplained recent closure of the Ilma Lever Garden in Coburg, the Moreland community must now rally to ensure West Brunswick Community Garden is kept afloat or we risk losing another significant community garden facility.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

PepperTree Place Garden Fiesta, November 5th, 10 -4pm, Coburg

ebrate all things green and growing at this year’s annual Garden Fiesta
- a volunteer powered, local, green initiative -
This creatively designed community space boasts a productive kitchen garden, inviting edible classroom and community plant nursery all framed by an historic bluestone church and stables. A fun day in the gardens, the Fiesta promises great music, good food and friendly people.
  • Live Music
  • Community Nursery Plant Sale
  • Free Gardening Workshops and Kids Activities
  • Coburg Home-grown Edibles Swap
  • Café Cooperative
  • BBQ (veggie ‘n’ meat)
  • Roving Puppets
  • Community Info and Market Stalls
512 Sydney Rd, Coburg (enter from Bell Street or Urquhart Street)

Contact: or Phone 0431 494 773

A unique initiative of Kildonan UnitingCare

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Backyard Bee Keeping Workshop at Mulberry Gardens 26th Nov (Glenroy)

Learn about different types of hives (box and top beam), the basics of honey harvest, safety, local regulations, where to locate a hive and more.

Workshop presenter: Martin O’Callaghan- experienced and passionate local bee keeper

When: 26th November 2011
Cost of: $10 Members $15 non members
Time: 10:30-12:30

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Moreland Food Swaps: Grow, swap, eat! Easy huh?

The Urban Orchard at Clarence Park Community Centre.
Photo: Joel Catchlove,
Food swaps are the solution to a dilemma I find myself in occasionally - what to do if I actually manage to get a decent crop of something, I've eaten my fill and preserved what I can.

We're pretty lucky to have at least one food swap every weekend somewhere in Moreland (you'll find details on our Moreland Food Swaps page).

If you don't know how food swaps work, it's easy....

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Capital Growth & Capital Bee: 2,012 new food growing spaces, 50 new apiaries and 75 beekeepers! (London)

A couple of great examples of what can be achieved when a few groups get together and work towards a shared goal.

Capital Growth

1295 new community growing spaces and support for local, urban food growing across London.
from Capital Growth
"Capital Growth is a partnership initiative between London Food Link, the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, and the Big Lottery's Local Food Fund. It is championed by the Chair of the London Food Board

Friday, October 7, 2011

Stewart Lodge Plant Sale - October 22nd from 10am-1pm (Brunswick)

Come down to Stewart Lodge plant sale.

When: Saturday 22nd October, 10am - 1pm
Where: 83-85 Stewart St Brunswick

Stewart Lodge is a supportive residential service for over 80 residents who might otherwise not have a place to call home.

The wellbeing garden engages residents and local volunteers in tending a kitchen garden which provides fresh produce for meals and incorporates garden therapy activities for residents to increase physical activity and mental wellbeing

All proceeds from the sale will go back into growing and maintaining the garden.

if you would like to find out more about the garden, make a donation or become a volunteer please email Julie West.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Environmental Film Festival Melbourne - Oct 11-16, 2011

Between October 11th and 16th, the Kino hosts the Environmental Film Festival of 2011, an interesting and challenging selection of films from Australia and overseas some with discussion panels for good measure.

In their own words....
"The Environmental Film Festival Melbourne aims to increase awareness of key environmental issues by bringing together film-makers, experts, policy makers, politicians and the wider community in an open conversation about the world we live in."
The topics range from growing food and diet, plastic and light pollution, nuclear waste, logging, energy and more.

One of the films - Magic Harvest (Australia 2011) - seems particularly relevant to our network. It "documents the trials and tribulations of first time gardeners, and follows their progress as they struggle and triumph against weather, pests and inertia to grow and cook their own food" in a 1 square metre plot in their own gardens.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

At O'Hare Airport, Unused Land Is Going to the Bees

Photo (cc) by Flickr user tenchifx
At O'Hare Airport, Unused Land Is Going to the Bees (From
"That buzzing sound you hear at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport could be a jet taking off. Or maybe it's coming from the 1.5 million bees that call the airport home. In May, the Chicago Department of Aviation partnered with a community group to start a 2,400 square foot apiary on-site. Now 23 beehives are up and running and are scheduled to yield 575 pounds of honey this year."
An innovative use of land that supports bee populations in an urban/industrial environment.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

PepperTree Community Nursery Plant Sale, Saturday Oct 1st - Coburg

The PepperTree Community Nusery is a volunteer-powered, local green initiative bringing affordable, sustainably grown plants to the backyards, schools and community gardens of Moreland and beyond.

Spring has Sprung and we have been preparing over 18 varieties of heirloom tomatoe seedlings for this moment: Saturday, Oct 1st from 10 - 12noon! Veggie seedlings, edible perennials, Australian Natives, spectacular succulents and plants for challenging spaces... we have a diverse range, including the "interesting and usual".

This Swap Saturday at PepperTree Place includes the monthly Coburg Home-grown Edibles Swap along with offerings from the Cafe Cooperative (fresh baked goods and real coffee, by-donation) so come and bask in the sun, enjoy the gardens, snack on a carrot while sipping your coffee! Meet great people and help build a strong and vibrant garden community in Moreland.

Contact: info(at) or phone 0431 494 773

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update On Ilma Lever Garden Closure- Coburg

Update (Sept 2012): The Moreland Food Gardens Network website acts as an information sharing forum for the community promoting urban agriculture practices and food access.

We would like to advise that the original post regarding the closure of the Ilma Lever Gardens has been removed from our website in response to concerns expressed by Disabled Motorists Australia (DMA) who felt it misrepresented information related to the Ilma Lever Gardens.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Bees in Crisis! Queen Of The Sun (film) screening 4th Oct Flinders Lane

Way back in March, we posted about a really exciting group in Melbourne called Melbourne City Rooftop Honey. I'm going to borrow from a fellow fan when I say "they put the B in CBD".

Well, they're hosting a screening of Queen Of The Sun - a profound and alternative look at the tragic global bee crisis... and the amazing and quirky bee people working towards bringing the balance back.

Have a drink of mulled wine and meet the folks hosting the screening at the accompanying yummy honey tasting.

Put it in your diary!

Details here.

Entry by donation - all proceeds will go towards environmental action!

Watch the trailer of the movie below.

(Thanks to Karen)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 South-East Bioregional Permaculture Conference - 30 Sept - 2 Oct (South Melbourne)

Permaculture Melbourne, representing its associated local permaculture groups announces:

What: Workshops, speakers, site tours, party, film screening, a marketplace of ideas 
When: Friday 30th September – Sunday 2nd October
Where: South Melbourne Commons, cnr Bank & Montague Sts, South Melbourne. 

The conference and its associated events will bring people together to share stories and discuss where they’re going as a movement. Presentations will be given by a wide range of local activists from local group leaders to gardeners, educators, writers, designers, aid workers and more. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Order citrus fruit straight from the farm, collect in Thornbury or at Melb Uni!

Ok so I've been introduced to a pretty amazing woman Kirsten and her social enterprise: Eaterprises and thought I would post this as a network opportunity.

My understanding is that Eaterprises is working towards a fairer, more sustainable and more resilient food system. The opportunity in September is to buy "delightful organic permaculturey citrus fruits" grown in country Victoria. Eaterprises will pick and move the quantity of fruit that has a loving home and we get to collect it from one of two locations around the corner from Moreland (Thornbury and Melb Uni).

Learn to eat weeds on an Edible Weeds Walk (Brunswick East) 24th September

It may surprise you to know that many common urban weed species of Melbourne are edible and can provide valuable and nutritious fresh food.

Join Very Edible Gardens and learn to enjoy dandelion, sow thistle, mallow, amaranth, wild onions, wild celery, stinging nettle and many more (with seasonal variation).

Monday, September 5, 2011

Practical Permaculture from Preston - sustainable, organic gardening info & more - Deep Green Permaculture

Collage - Deep Green Permaculture

It's a challenge finding trustworthy voices on the internet with so many websites serving so many agendas.

For me, Deep Green Permaculture is one of those trustworthy voices. I don't go there every day but I do go back, for ideas and solutions, inspiration and reassurance.

Put together by a dedicated, active, engaged Permaculture practitioner who lives in Preston (making it very locally relevant to those of us in Moreland), it's a "guide for everyone out there who wants to learn about creating their own sustainable, organic gardens".

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Interfaith Celebration and Coburg Home-Grown Edibles Swap - Sept 3rd - at PepperTree Place

Join us this month for a Muslim Eid Celebration created in partnership with the Multicultural Women’s Sewing Group.

Celebrate the diversity within our local community by sharing good food, fun activities and stories of how different people live life and practice their faith.

Learn how to make spinach pies with fresh greens from the garden and watch them being cooked in the woodfired oven. Enjoy healthy, vegetarian creations hot from the community kitchen while kids and adults alike try their hand at a fabric-fun craft led by local volunteers.

When: 10am and 2pm (Food Swap 10am - 12ish)

Where: PepperTree Place, 512 Sydney Road, Coburg
(corner of Sydney Road and Bell Street

Cost: FREE!

Contact: Michaela on 0423 226 303 if you want to help with this or future interfaith events or email

This is the 1st of 6 interfaith celebrations made possible by the generous support of the Office of Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Join your local Seed Savers Network at CERES (Brunswick) on 3rd September

Need a reason for saving seeds? Here are 5 to get you started:
Actinidia deliciosa 01 ies
  • Share varieties of open pollinated plants that are well suited to your conditions, 
  • Save money by saving your own seeds and/or trading with other seed-savers, 
  • Preserve genetic diversity, 
  • Feel satisfied, empowered and connected,
  • Experience a range of tasty fruits and vegetables you won't find in the supermarket.
Come along to the CERES market place at midday on Saturday 3rd September and join your local Seed Savers Network.

Bring along seed to swap (although this isn't necessary) and $5.00 to join.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Garden Party in Northcote? 3rd Sept @ 11am - launching Backyard Harvest Festival, Northcote Library Food Garden & more....

A little something from our very active neighbours in Darebin...

Dear Gardeners and Friends,

You are warmly invited to celebrate the official launch of the Northcote Library Food Garden on Saturday September 3rd from 11am.

Location: Northcote Library Food Garden
Mel Ref 30 F8

Please find your official invitation here with heaps more about what's going on. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sprout Community Market (Thornbury) starts up again on September 1st

Sprout Community Gardening in Thornbury is a program of Mind that promotes mental and physical wellbeing through a range of horticulture and enterprise activities that are developed with a sustainable and creative focus.

As part of this approach, Sprout holds a diverse and vibrant local Community Market on the first Thursday of each month (except winter & Jan) between 3-7pm here.

Remaining market dates for 2011 are: Sept 1, Oct 6, Nov 3, and Dec 1 with a bonus market day on the 15 Dec.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Community Fruit Tree Workshops (Banyule) Saturdays 20 & 27 August

Pear Tree House
Pear Tree House by geishaboy500
After a successful pilot last year, the people at Transition Banyule have been very busy over the last few weeks running a series of 7 fruit tree planting & pruning and composting demonstrations.

The kicker is that participants take home a high quality fruit tree for their garden at the end of the session. What a great way to get productive trees out into the community along with the knowledge to plant and maintain them.

There is a limit of 20 participants per workshop but there may be a few places left in the last two sessions for the year. See below for details (here's their flyer).

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free F2 fruit trees from Fleming's Nurseries

Now is the time to be getting your fruit trees in and if you take the trouble to subscribe to the Fleming's nursery 'Insider' newsletter (see below) you stand a good chance of getting a free freaky new variety fruit tree!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coburg Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop - August 6th - at PepperTree Place

Join Diana Cotter, experienced horticulturalist and sustainable gardening specialist, to learn how to prune young fruit trees for maximum fruit production. Practice the skills needed to espalier your young apple tree or to ‘nip and tuck’ that peach for a bumper summer crop. BYO secateurs.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

How do we feed our growing cities? State Of Design Festival Keynote - 6.15pm 21st July Fed Square

The Melbourne State Of Design Festival this year features a keynote address from Carolyn Steel a british architect and author with an interest in how we feed our cities with a focus on urban agriculture.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Transition Brunswick Meetup Event 24th July

Transition Brunswick Breakfast
Join in for a casual breakfast or coffee to celebrate the launch of the Transition Brunswick Meetup site.
Meet and get to know each other and talk about all or anything Transition Brunswick.
Wear a flower (or something leafy and green) in your button hole to help find each other.

When and Where Sunday 24th July 9.30am
Jellystone Café, 179 Albion Street Brunswick,
(Just east of Sydney Road)—maps


Monday, July 4, 2011

Merristem Community Nursery - Winter Fruit Trees sale/exchange day 17th July

Merristem is a community greenhouse project run by volunteers in Melbourne's inner northern suburb. It is a propagation project growing useful and productive trees and plants for urban melbourne, making available many rare and locally unknown varieties.

We have been propagating some amazing and hard to find fruit trees this year, great for edible plant nerds, stoic defenders of genetic diversity, and anyone around Melbourne who wants to eat some really tasty fruit! Growing out these trees also means you can contribute cuttings later on - so over time they can become more widely available in our region. We have a sale/exchange day coming up SOON!!

Where: Merristem - 38 Harrison st Brunswick.
When : 2-4pm Sunday, 17th July

For more information or to get involved on the project go to our website

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Getting the veggie garden out in public

Why shouldn’t our public spaces be productive?
This article was originally published at The Conversation.
Read the original article.

Food. It is the great unifier of place and race, the common ground sustaining our very existence. Why then, does food production feature so minimally in public space and urban design?Under the weight of looming threats to energy, population and economy, the time is ripe to rethink our design focus.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Landshare in Australia: Connecting home-growers with those who have land to share

In 2009, Landshare emerged from UK TV series River Cottage. Described by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (the guy behind the programs and Landshare) as a "UK wide initiative to make British land more productive and fresh local produce more accessible to all".

Along with Capital Growth, (a campaign to create 2,012 new food growing spaces in London by the end of 2012) Landshare is one of the most exciting efforts to facilitate UK community agriculture at a time of massively over-subscribed allotment waiting lists and people being keener than ever to grow their own food.

Over the last 3 years, Landshare in the UK has since grown into a thriving community, now 62,000 strong. In March this year, Landshare Australia kicked off and so far it boasts just over 1000 members.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Soil turned on first of FIVE new community gardens for Hume (Melbourne)

Some very exciting community garden news for the Hume area.

On 10th June, soil was turned and construction started on the first of five community gardens being built over the coming months. The first garden (Homestead Community Garden) is being built at Roxburgh Park. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Earthbag Building At South Melbourne Commons

The South Melbourne Commons Food Garden team invites you to take part in our skill-sharing event on rammed earth building with earthbags. 

  • Sunday 26th June 2011, 10am – 4pm
  • Sunday 10th July, 2011, 10am – 4pm

You can come on either or both days!

Location: South Melbourne Commons - Corner of Bank & Montague St, South Melbourne

Inner North Urban Harvest (Coburg) Food Swap this Saturday 10am-1pm

3rd Saturday of the month
Location: McCleery Reserve, Munro St Coburg
Emma Keogh: ekeogh21"at"
Alicia Hooper: aliciahooper"at"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

PepperTree Place: Volunteer Compost Coordinator

Want to practice your composting skills on a grand scale?

Interested in helping us turn our greenwaste into valuable garden goodness?

Passionate about contributing to an emerging community green-space?

In need of a share of the produce from our kitchen garden?

PepperTree Place Food Swap and World Environment Day Celebration

Come and celebrate World Environment Day and enjoy the fruits of this Autumn’s harvest.
It is the season for oranges and olives, persimmons and ppp...lemons so come and share some garden goodies with local growers like yourself.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Practical Workshop on Fruit Tree Pruning at Mulberry Gardens

Winter is the time to shape your fruit trees for the next delicious harvest. Come learn from an experienced horticulturalist and gain some practical experience on how to make the best of your trees. Places are limited please contact Elspeth on 9304 9206 or to book.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

South Melbourne Commons Weekend Working Bee

I know this one is a long way from home - but some great skills to be learnt at South Melbourne Commons over the next two weekends that could be used here too!

Come and help us construct a 100m long raised garden bed for the Commons using earthbags!

Saturday May 28 and Sunday May 29 between 10am – 4pm (come when you can)

South Melbourne Commons – Corner of Bank & Montague St, South Melbourne

Free hot YUMMY lunch

We’ll be putting into practice the skills learned during the previous weeks earthbag workshop to build a 100m long, half meter high curvy retaining wall that will become our café garden beds. It should be lots of fun and we are happy to share some of the knowledge gained during the previous weekend workshop. Come and join us - ‘learn by doing’ - Get active, meet new people and make a difference.

Please RSVP Martin on 0403 440 996 or [at]

South Melbourne Commons Earthbag Workshop

I know this one is a long way from home - but some great skills to be learnt at South Melbourne Commons over the next two weekends that could be used here too!

Learn to transform dirt into walls under the expert tuition of Guiding Star Creations

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of May 2011, 9am – 5pm

South Melbourne Commons – Corner of Bank & Montague St, South Melbourne

** Free evening information session Friday May 20th 6.30pm **

Event flyer

Anyone can utilise the dirt from beneath their feet to create unique retaining walls – in a manner that is dirt cheap, easy to learn and seriously environmentally friendly! Join the Commons Permablitz garden team and the experts from Guiding Star Creations in our two day workshop where you will learn how to build garden beds and raised wall structures using Earthbags.

This workshop will teach you how to design your project, test dirt, plan it out, and do all things earthbag: Mix, fill, lay, arrange, and tamp them down before applying a render finish. Participants will help begin construction of a long curvy raised garden bed at the South Melbourne Commons

Bookings essential: Only 5 places out of 30 are left for the weekend workshop.

Early Bird Price: Adult $150. Student / Concession: $100 (valid before Friday May 14th for Friends of the South Melbourne Commons on our email list)

Normal price: Adult $200. Student / concession: $150.

For bookings or more information contact: Martin on 0403 440 996 or [at]

The FREE information evening on Friday May 20th 6.30pm at the South Melbourne Commons will present a slide show and talk by Guiding Star on their work with earthbags. Come along and see what is possible and be inspired. RSVP preferred.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Gov announces more funding for primary school kitchen gardens

Growing Veggies Good for Growing Minds - Next Round of Funding for Kitchen Gardens Opens

LogoOn the 3rd of May, Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon, announced a new round of funding for phase four of the successful Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens program.

The new funding round - up to $60,000 per school - will give an opportunity for more schools to participate.

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