Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reworking your nature strip.....

Have you (like me) ever eyed off the nature strip as another productive growing space?
Are you fed up with mowing that green bit out the front that doesn't belong to you?
Tired of filling up your green waste bin with someone else's grass?
Why not do something about it?

This piece from Australian City Farms and Community Gardens Network tackles every angle in a balanced way and gives you the best chance of keeping your efforts in tact. It's well worth a read.

What's the Moreland Council position?
Check out the Moreland council policy before you start. Happily, they seem amenable to the idea:
 "Council is happy to consider requests from residents who would like to plant on their nature strip. Ask Council if you can remove grass or have other plants to make your nature strip more attractive and to maintain it less."

Need ideas?
There are some terrific examples around Moreland already (I know of one in Pascoe Vale here, there's another in Coburg North here and one in Coburg here).
Add any that you know about to the comments on this post.
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