Friday, May 6, 2011

Gov announces more funding for primary school kitchen gardens

Growing Veggies Good for Growing Minds - Next Round of Funding for Kitchen Gardens Opens

LogoOn the 3rd of May, Minister for Health and Ageing, Nicola Roxon, announced a new round of funding for phase four of the successful Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Gardens program.

The new funding round - up to $60,000 per school - will give an opportunity for more schools to participate.

Under the SAKGP children grow, harvest, prepare and share fresh food to improve nutrition and develop life-long healthy eating habits.

The Gillard Government has committed $12.8 million over four years to implement the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program in up to 190 eligible primary schools. The Government has also announced another $1 million over three years to develop curriculum resources to support the successful program.

Schools can receive funding to help with the construction of kitchen and garden infrastructure to support the program.

Ms Roxon said, “The grants are open to all government schools with a primary enrolment, and have been extended to include special schools with a primary curriculum, and to non-government schools that receive additional support through the Smarter Schools National Partnership for Low Socio-economic Status School Communities initiative.”

For further information about the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden National Program, select this link.

To view the full media release, select this link.

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