Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free F2 fruit trees from Fleming's Nurseries

Now is the time to be getting your fruit trees in and if you take the trouble to subscribe to the Fleming's nursery 'Insider' newsletter (see below) you stand a good chance of getting a free freaky new variety fruit tree!

Take the opportunity to get yourself a tree or if you don't have space for the tree or are feeling community minded there is definitely lots of space at the Lalor Community Garden and possibly at PepperTree Place.

If you want to donate your tree, contact them direct or drop us a note.

F2 Logo

The Future of Fruit is here!
Celebrating the arrival of Fleming’s newest selection of fruit trees, we’re offering all ‘Insider’ members a FREE F2 fruit tree!

In the coming days you will receive a voucher in the mail with a list of participating Fleming’s stockists.

Fleming’s F2 fruit trees are naturally cultivated crosses between two fruits, F2 fruit offers unique flavour with enhanced natural sugars - selections include: 

'Cot N Candy' - Apricot x Plum
'Marcia's Flavor' - Plum x Apricot
'Flavor Rouge' - Plum x Apricot
'Flavor Supreme' - Plum x Apricot
'Spicezee' - Nectarine x Plum


For more information on Fleming’s F2 Fruit visit our website…
Vouchers will be sent to valid postal addresses only.

Click here if you need to update your address details.

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