Thursday, August 25, 2011

Join your local Seed Savers Network at CERES (Brunswick) on 3rd September

Need a reason for saving seeds? Here are 5 to get you started:
Actinidia deliciosa 01 ies
  • Share varieties of open pollinated plants that are well suited to your conditions, 
  • Save money by saving your own seeds and/or trading with other seed-savers, 
  • Preserve genetic diversity, 
  • Feel satisfied, empowered and connected,
  • Experience a range of tasty fruits and vegetables you won't find in the supermarket.
Come along to the CERES market place at midday on Saturday 3rd September and join your local Seed Savers Network.

Bring along seed to swap (although this isn't necessary) and $5.00 to join.

You can read all about the Seed Savers Network on their website but the cheat sheet looks like this:
"The Seed Savers' Network was established in Australia in 1986 with these charitable and educational purposes in its deeds:- 
To develop and promote:
  • Educational programmes for the preservation of open-pollinated (non-hybrid) seeds and the genetic diversity of plant varieties;
  • Non-profit seed exchange programmes;
  • Agricultural and horticultural programmes with particular emphasis on the propagation of open-pollinated plant varieties;
  • Preservation gardens for open-pollinated plant varieties;
  • Seed banks for non-hybrid plant varieties;
  • Scientific research relating to the above matters, either alone or in conjunction with a public university or other institution.
To Provide:
  • Financial and educational assistance to community development projects - local and overseas;
  • Open-pollinated seed stock to individuals, groups and communities.

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