Monday, September 5, 2011

Practical Permaculture from Preston - sustainable, organic gardening info & more - Deep Green Permaculture

Collage - Deep Green Permaculture

It's a challenge finding trustworthy voices on the internet with so many websites serving so many agendas.

For me, Deep Green Permaculture is one of those trustworthy voices. I don't go there every day but I do go back, for ideas and solutions, inspiration and reassurance.

Put together by a dedicated, active, engaged Permaculture practitioner who lives in Preston (making it very locally relevant to those of us in Moreland), it's a "guide for everyone out there who wants to learn about creating their own sustainable, organic gardens".

Firstly, there's a useful, well written examination of Permaculture ethics and design principles. These things underpin the author's garden so it's valuable to have this frame of reference when you're browsing around the website.

It also features lots of easy-to-follow, informative explanations and "how tos" like:

  • hot composting,
  • propagation,
  • companion planting,
  • making home-made sprays,
  • building raised garden beds,
Reasons are clearly explained and no knowledge is assumed but it avoids being patronising. I find the detail reassuring, it feels like nothing has been left out, all angles considered.

Lastly, there's a blog about the design, construction and development of the author's own suburban garden with over 150 perennial plants that are either edible, medicinal or companion plants. And that's just the perennials. I know lots of people who've been lucky enough to visit the garden, they all say how impressive and inspiring it is.

Well worth a look, you'll find plenty to help you garden organically and sustainably.
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