Thursday, October 6, 2011

Environmental Film Festival Melbourne - Oct 11-16, 2011

Between October 11th and 16th, the Kino hosts the Environmental Film Festival of 2011, an interesting and challenging selection of films from Australia and overseas some with discussion panels for good measure.

In their own words....
"The Environmental Film Festival Melbourne aims to increase awareness of key environmental issues by bringing together film-makers, experts, policy makers, politicians and the wider community in an open conversation about the world we live in."
The topics range from growing food and diet, plastic and light pollution, nuclear waste, logging, energy and more.

One of the films - Magic Harvest (Australia 2011) - seems particularly relevant to our network. It "documents the trials and tribulations of first time gardeners, and follows their progress as they struggle and triumph against weather, pests and inertia to grow and cook their own food" in a 1 square metre plot in their own gardens.
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