Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Moreland community composting hubs are just around the corner! Coburg and Brunswick

A recent survey of 1000 residents revealed that only one third of Moreland residents are composting their food and garden waste. The main reasons people had for not composting were lack of space and lack of knowledge. Council has been working with local residents and community gardens to develop three community composting hub trial sites to help tackle this issue.

The first community composting hub site to be launched will be at PepperTree Place, in conjunction with PepperTree’s annual Coburg Garden Fiesta on the 5th November. A free composting workshop at 10.30am will be provided to anyone interested in being involved in a community composting hub. To register your interest in attending this workshop, please email info(at)moreland.vic.gov.au

The remaining two community composting hubs at Wolseley Street, Coburg and Park Street, Brunswick will follow shortly after PepperTree Place.

If you are interested in using the community composting hubs you can register here

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