Monday, October 17, 2011

Opportunity within the troubles at the West Brunswick Community Garden

Back in June, there were signs that trouble was brewing at the West Brunswick Community Garden.

An article in today's Moreland Leader suggests matters are coming now to a head.
"MORELAND Council has ordered a management overhaul of West Brunswick Community Garden, which has fallen into disarray following conflict between members. The council will seek expressions of interest for a new committee and said its constitution and by-laws must be updated and a new lease signed."
After the disappointing and unexplained recent closure of the Ilma Lever Garden in Coburg, the Moreland community must now rally to ensure West Brunswick Community Garden is kept afloat or we risk losing another significant community garden facility.

It would be great to see this site thriving; humming with people; green, lush and productive; contributing to the well-being of the people who live nearby and increasing awareness of the benefits of growing your own food and gardening sustainably.

Perhaps this expression of interest provides an opportunity for an innovative approach to engaging the community in sustainable urban agriculture and food access.

We await with interest council's next move.

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