Monday, November 28, 2011

Coburg Food Swap & Interfath Celebration, Dec 3rd,10 - 12noon at PepperTree Place

Food, Faith and Fabric Fun
Celebrate the diversity within our local community by sharing good food, fun activities and stories of how different people live life and practice their faith.

Add your touch to a story mural and help paint a picture that reflects the special festivals celebrated around this time of year, including: Bodhi Day, Eid ul-Adha, Diwali, Advent, Christmas, Solstice and Hunukkah.

Snack on treats from around the world while sipping real coffee brought to you by the dynamo Crew at the Cafe Cooperative. Volunteer-powered and by-donation, there is no better way to start a Saturday!

Home-Grown Edibles Swap table and PepperTree Community Nursery open to all as always.

Cost: FREE!!!

When: Saturday Dec 3rd, 10am - 12noon

Where: 512 Sydney Rd., Coburg

Contact: info(at) or Claire on 0431 494 773

Volunteers welcome!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Community Cooking Workshop at Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre (25th Nov)

Learn to make delicious food in a wood fired oven. Workshops are hosted by local residents from Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre as part of the Growing Diversity Project.

Book in session Friday 25th Nov. 2011

11am - 1pm (Members $10 $5/ Guests $15)

Mulberry Gardens 120 Glenroy Rd Melways 16K2

Due to the threat of rain, the 25th November  workshop will be moving from Mulberry Gardens to Room 3 Glenroy Neighbourhood Learning Centre, 5 Cromwell Street  Glenroy VIC 3046. 

Apologies for any inconvenience. 

For more info contact Rasha Tayeh or PH: 9389 2269

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Establishing Mulberry Gardens Food Forest

Sheet mulching to allow understory plants to establish

It began with a large area of asphalt and a dream of expanding our community garden. Mulberry Gardens is in Glenroy, Melbourne and operates entirely as a communal space. All members share in the upkeep and harvest the produce - which is mostly shared amongst attendees at the Saturday morning communal sessions. The number of fast food and alcohol shops vastly out weights fresh food outlets in the area so a community garden was established to help give locals access to fresh organic produce and share the skills of produce growing.
Last year we were lucky enough to get some funding from the Australian Open Gardens Grants to rip up a large section of asphalt and put in a food forest. (Reclaiming the hard surfaces of the city- every gardeners dream!)
The full article is available on the Permaculture Research Institute website:
For more information about the garden contact Elspeth:

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mulberry Gardens Open Day - Saturday 19th November

Mulberry Gardens Open Day

Saturday 19th November 2011

11am - 3pm

120 Glenroy Rd Melways 16K2

Wood fired oven cooking workshops, plants sales, food swap, cafe, children's & gardening activities...

Come down & enjoy this fantastic day!

For more info contact Rasha Tayeh or PH: 9389 2269 h

Urban Roots - Community Agriculture Revolution in Detroit

Tomorrow is your chance to see Urban Roots, an empowering documentary about the revolution in urban farming taking place in the abandoned suburbs of Detroit. From the website:

URBAN ROOTS is a documentary that tells the story of the spontaneous emergence of urban farming in the city of Detroit. Detroit, once an industrial powerhouse of a lost American era, is a city devastated by the loss of half its population due to the collapse of manufacturing.
By the looks of it, the city has died.

But now, against all odds, in the empty lots, in the old factory yards, and in-between the sad, sagging blocks of company housing, seeds of change are taking root. With the most vacant lots in the country, citizens are reclaiming their spirits by growing food.

A small group of dedicated citizens have started an urban environmental movement with the potential to transform not just a city after its collapse, but also a country after the end of its industrial age.

Urban Roots shows dedicated Detroiters working tirelessly to fulfil their vision for locally-grown, sustainably farmed food in a city where people have found themselves cut off from real food and limited to the lifeless offerings of fast food chains, mini-marts, and grocery stores stocked with processed food from thousands of miles away.

The people of Detroit have taken on the enormous task of changing this for themselves, and to understand their story is to understand how we can change it for us all.

URBAN ROOTS is screening on Tuesday 8 November 2011 at 6pm at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

"What will we eat?" (Video) - How FSPUD will improve health, reduce road snarl, tackle climate change, provide jobs

Recently, one of our friends attended a forum conducted by the Heart Foundation that had the catchy title:

"Food-sensitive planning and urban design [FSPUD for short]: A conceptual framework for achieving a sustainable and healthy food system"

FSPUD is described as:
"an approach to planning and urban design that addresses the critical intersects between public health nutrition; planning and urban design; and environmental sustainability. FSPUD builds on the healthy built environment focus pioneered by the Heart Foundation over the past 15 years. Through FSPUD, professionals, policy makers, communities and elected representatives can develop a shared understanding of how the urban environment can incorporate planning and design elements that support a resilient and healthy and sustainable food system."
Surely it's good for urban agriculture prospects that a forum like this has even happened in Melbourne. Let's hope something substantial comes of it. Maybe next time it could happen in Moreland...

If you visit their website, there are some useful resources from the forum available to download.

If you yearn for cogent and articulate advocacy for the benefits of urban agriculture, whether it's health, employment, transport, climate change (I know there are bound to be more) and you're after something you can just absorb (let's face it reading is pretty hard work)  - watch this video.

Under 8 minutes long, the film features people from Vancouver, Chicago and New York talking about urban agriculture projects in their areas, the benefits, justifications etc.

What will we eat? from Heart Foundation on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Petty's Orchard Working Bee - Sunday 6th November 10am-2pm (Doncaster)

Take a few turns off the main road in Templestowe/Doncaster and you can find yourself surrounded by amazing apple trees at Petty's Orchard.

This place has real horticultural history and their annual antique apple tasting festival in March is well worth a visit. Fantastic to find a working orchard so close to our urban metropolis.

This Sunday (and on the first Sunday of every month) between 10 am and 2 pm you can get involved with the orchard by helping out at on their working bees organised by the Heritage Fruits Society.

This week: 
  • Pruning, 
  • Irrigation system, 
  • Tidying, 
  • Tree guards, 
  • Labels.

The trees will be just starting to flower, so recording flowering might be good. At least it should be a lovely sight.

Contact John at or just come along.

Oh and to top it off, morning tea is provided!
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