Monday, November 7, 2011

"What will we eat?" (Video) - How FSPUD will improve health, reduce road snarl, tackle climate change, provide jobs

Recently, one of our friends attended a forum conducted by the Heart Foundation that had the catchy title:

"Food-sensitive planning and urban design [FSPUD for short]: A conceptual framework for achieving a sustainable and healthy food system"

FSPUD is described as:
"an approach to planning and urban design that addresses the critical intersects between public health nutrition; planning and urban design; and environmental sustainability. FSPUD builds on the healthy built environment focus pioneered by the Heart Foundation over the past 15 years. Through FSPUD, professionals, policy makers, communities and elected representatives can develop a shared understanding of how the urban environment can incorporate planning and design elements that support a resilient and healthy and sustainable food system."
Surely it's good for urban agriculture prospects that a forum like this has even happened in Melbourne. Let's hope something substantial comes of it. Maybe next time it could happen in Moreland...

If you visit their website, there are some useful resources from the forum available to download.

If you yearn for cogent and articulate advocacy for the benefits of urban agriculture, whether it's health, employment, transport, climate change (I know there are bound to be more) and you're after something you can just absorb (let's face it reading is pretty hard work)  - watch this video.

Under 8 minutes long, the film features people from Vancouver, Chicago and New York talking about urban agriculture projects in their areas, the benefits, justifications etc.

What will we eat? from Heart Foundation on Vimeo.
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