Friday, December 30, 2011

Greening Moreland Forum: Acting together for a more sustainable neighbourhood (Feb 25)

Gotta say, MEFL/ZCM are really doing some great stuff for Moreland. If you haven't looked at their website, do it now and make sure you note this in your calendar and come along.

Zero Carbon Moreland presents a free event for residents and community groups to come together, explore what’s already happening, what we still need to do and how we can act together for a more sustainable Moreland.

Participants will also have opportunities to calculate their carbon footprint, test ride electric bicycles, and get sustainability advice from the Moreland Energy Foundation team. Then wind down with a free BBQ lunch!

When: Saturday 25 February, 10am – 1pm (followed by free BBQ)
Where: Coburg Town Hall
Cost: Free!
Moreland is lucky to home to a broad range of community groups actively working to make our neighbourhood more sustainable, yet there can always be more dialogue and collaboration between existing groups. 

Zero Carbon Moreland is organising “Greening Moreland Forum: Acting together for a more sustainable neighbourhood” to create a space where Moreland community groups and residents can network and discuss issues that are meaningful to them.

Greening Moreland Forum is local satellite event of the Sustainable Living Festival which will bring groups and individuals together to showcase what different groups are doing across the municipality, explore potential for collaboration, identify gaps in the movement for a more sustainable and resilient Moreland, and create space for people to discuss ways to work together to fill those gaps. We hope that coordinating this forum will help catalyse ongoing relationships and collaboration.

The event will start with a 2 Minute Market, in which groups will have 2 minutes to outline what it does. Once we have picture of what’s already going on around Moreland, we will be facilitating an open space forum for participants to initiate discussions around topics of their choosing around a broad theme of “what are the most pressing needs for a more sustainable Moreland, and how can we work together to make this happen?” Open space, based on the idea that the best conversations at a conference happen in the tea breaks, allows participants to network, self-organise themselves into groups to discuss topics that they feel drawn towards. Participants will be encouraged to actively develop steps for working together towards our visions for the municipality.

MEFL staff will also be present at the forum to offer sustainability advice, electric bicycle test rides, and help with carbon footprint calculations during breaks.

Then keep the conversations going after the forum with a free BBQ lunch!
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