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Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability, by David Holmgren

Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability, by David Holmgren

Thursday Feb 16, 2012, at 12.45

The Wheeler Centre Auditorium,

176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne,Victoria

Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability

Are the 'burbs an unsustainable wasteland and best put in the 'too hard basket? Or is there a way to make the suburbs sustainable?

David Holmgren has got an answer and he is going to tell you about it at the Wheeler Centre on Feb 16.

In recent years, as we have become more aware of the negative effects of our high-impact lifestyles, a number of environmental responses have been introduced – such as increased insulation and energy-efficiency requirements for buildings, improvements to public transport, conservation of urban green space, and more water-sensitive urban design. At a personal level, a few individuals are also adapting by, taking in boarders, sharing backyards, or returning to the multi-generational family unit.

We have barely scratched the surface, however, of the profound improvements that the application of permaculture principles and strategies could deliver for the sustainability and livability of today’s suburbs.

David Holmgren, the co-founder of Permaculture, will explore how suburbs can, and are, responding to the converging economic, energy and climate crises. He will show how household and community resilience can be stimulated in the face of these pressures.

David’s encouraging and thought provoking talk coincides with Melbourne’s month long Sustainable Living Festival.

We would appreciate you informing as many people as possible about this rare opportunity to hear David talk.

Please contact HDS for further information or for arranging for interviews and excerpts from his talk may be available.

Rick Tanaka (media liaison)

Holmgren Design Service(

Ph: 03 53483636


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