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Edible Gardens Tours - Bellfield/Heidelberg West, Heidelberg, Watsonia, Montmorency (Saturday 11th Feb)

(From Transition Banyule)

Urban farming
Urban Farming by donkeycart on Flickr

Transition Banyule are offering you a Banyule Edible Garden Tour on Saturday 11 February, as part of the Sustainable Living Festival.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to network with other food gardeners and share experiences. 

Please choose one of the 4 different tours detailed below at Bellfield/Heidelberg West, Heidelberg, Watsonia, Montmorency.

Each tour will cover 3 different food gardens and will finish with a lunch made of ingredients from these gardens. 

The cost is $10 ($5 concession, children 15 years and under free) and places are limited to 12 people SO bookings are essential.
To book:
For any further enquiries (or to offer your garden for a future tour) please email or phone 9455 2581

Details of tours below.

Bellfield/Heidelberg West tour
(contact Yuki by email at

1.  Memory Garden (most plants have a memory association)
Description: A long established garden of 40 years with fruit trees, vegies and a fascinating variety of other plants.  So much crammed into a small space
Special Attractions: Managing long established fruit trees, compost tumbler, plants in pot and tubs, wicking beds, compatible with a dog.

2.  Tony & Masha’s Garden
Description: This garden shows what can be done when you have only a few hours to spare each week. Starting with low maintenance fruit trees and herbs, the garden now has plums, figs, espaliered apples and a wild strawberry patch. Newly established no-dig raised vegetable bed over heavy clay soil with a variety of vegies in back yard.
Special Attractions: Fruit trees, no-dig garden beds, wild strawberries.

3.  John and Yuki’s Garden
Description: A three year old garden with over 40 varieties of fruit trees, water tanks, worm farm, seedling propagation and wide range of flowers, herbs and vegies in front and back garden.
Special attraction: Wicking bed under large tree, conversion of concrete driveway to raised courtyard garden, ducks as pest management, child friendly,

4.  The Hibi Farm (with lunch)
Description: A thriving urban farm on a standard suburban block. Intensive vegie garden beds in both front and back gardens, young fruit trees, animal husbandry.
Special attractions: Milking goats, chooks, ducks, bees, hops, water tanks, established trees.

Heidelberg tour – Saturday 11 February 10am to 1.30pm
(Call Mary on 9455 2581 or email

1.  Ken and Jenny's garden (with cuppa)
Description: A newly established fruit and vegie garden with a number of large raised beds, a variety of fruit trees, garden pond, compost bins.
Special attraction: illustrates what can be done in 6 months using the wonderful VEG (Very Edible Garden) service.

2.   Susan and Mario’s garden
Description: A long-established fruit and vegie garden with chooks, and a variety of fruit trees in the ornamental part of the garden.
Special attraction: illustrates how to maintain soil fertility over a long period.

3. Robert & Mary’s garden (with lunch)
Description: since Dec 2004 entire back lawn replaced by a flourishing vegie garden and orchard using permaculture principles. Compost bins, worm farm and greenhouse.
Special attractions: mandala design, a rejuvenated old peach tree, asparagus bed,

Watsonia tour – Saturday 11 February 10am to 1.30pm
(contact Robyn by email at

1.  KK’s Backyard (with cuppa)
Description: KK’s Seedbank and recycling efforts together with an excel support system and weekly garden maps result in a compact organic garden that produces all year round.
Joining the growing chorus of awareness about the urgent need to preserve mother earth, in turn preserving our environment for our next generation, KK Ong thinks that the blind pursuit of unsustainable growth, for whatever surface reasons given, puts humankind in the position of a frog in boiling water. It only realizes that that it is dying when it’s too late, because the changes in conditions are small enough not to jolt it into action.
Special Attractions: in excess of a hundred species and cultivars of herbs, vegetables and fruits. Come and taste home made Chinese tea or sample home grown organic Chrysanthemum tea with desiccated Stevia leaves as sugar! Mmm…

2.  The ¼ Acre farm – Honey tasting with David and Petra
Description: A highly productive fruit and vegie garden (front and back) developed over the past 6 years, with chooks, fish pond, galvanised iron rainwater tank.
Special attractions: Child-friendly; have own bees; wide range of herbs; extensive use of mulch to build up the clay soil; over 30 different fruit trees (including berries); tropical section with babaco, avocado and seedling mangos.

3.   Lunch at the Balls (Robyn and Geoff)
Description: Small residential courtyard with raised sleeper garden beds including asparagus, fruit trees and herbs.
Special attraction:  Gourmet Lunch!  Also two wicking bed wine barrels (with fig and lemon trees) under gum trees in the front garden.

Montmorency tour – Saturday 11 February 10am to 1.30pm
(Call Julie on 9434 7605 or email

1.    Sally’s Garden
Description: a large waterwise garden with a mix of edible and indigenous plants, play areas for the children, and productive chooks. It also uses recycled materials in practical and creative ways.
Special attractions: bee hives, free-ranging chooks, grass-mowing guinea pigs, potting area.

2.    Senia’s Garden (with cuppa)
Description: a typical Monty garden of bird attracting natives, that is evolving to include fruit trees, vines and vegies and herbs, with plans for chooks.
Special attractions: pottery studio and kiln that doubles as a greenhouse, successful mix of native garden and vegie garden, management of shade and water issues

3.    Julie and David’s Garden (with lunch made from local produce)
Description: a medium sized garden developed over the past 5 years that uses the front and backyard areas to grow a mix of fruit (over 30 trees), vegies, ornamental and native plants.
Special attractions: water tanks, comfrey tea, recently established food forest, use of insect attracting plants, chook co-operative.
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