Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A day in the life of a supermarket tomato - Local Harvest (video)

Take a minute to watch this little video. It makes a good case for sourcing locally grown produce.

A little local knowledge from Local Harvest on Vimeo.

Follow the journey of a tomato through the industrial food system to the supermarket shelves. Find out why local food alternatives are a good thing, and how easy it can be to find good food close to you.

See more about the facts behind the video.

Join the Local Harvest Challenge, one week from 1st - 7th April.

Direction, Edit & Animation: Chris Grose
DOP: Greg Blakey
Camera Assist: Steph Boyle
Script: Tom Maclachlan
Additional Graphics & Life Support: Heidi Lee

Thanks to: Nick Ray, Arabella Forge, Cassie Duncan, Kate Anderson, Adrian Richardson, CERES Environment Park and The Marlowes
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