Monday, March 19, 2012

Where The Heart Is...

Without wanting to generalise, if you're reading this blog there is a pretty good chance that:

a) you love plants that feed you
b) you're community minded and
c) you like to get your hands dirty

All pretty good traits (even if I do say so myself) and a perfect match for volunteering in the garden section at the 'Where the Heart is Festival'.

This time last year I was blessed to be a part of the garden department at the 'Where the Heart is Festival'. Essentially the festival is a big pamper day in the park for people who are homeless and doing it tough in Melbourne and a wonderful opportunity for these people to feel connected & part of a community rather then socially isolated & living on the fringe. The festival is an initiative of the 'Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) Homeless Persons Program'.

The garden department was responsible for dishing up edible and ornamental plants for people to pot up & take with them & find a home for on a vacant rooming house window sill or activity centre courtyard or any nook or cranny they could stake as their own to cultivate. There were many happy customers who took as many plants/'babies' under their wing to care for as they could carry.

Everything at the festival is free and community members are treated to food, entertainment, massage, hair cuts, a photo booth, pet supplies, manicures, art workshops and a chance to display art works and perform... thus in some ways a festival for the people- by the people.

The garden department at the festival needs people like you to volunteer your time at the plant stall or donate plants to be given away on the day. But you better get your skates on, it's this Friday 23rd of March... Where will your heart be this Friday?

Please contact Patricia on to get involved OR click this link to register to volunteer at the Where the Heart is..... Community Festival, Friday 23 March, Edinburgh Gardens North Fitzroy.
Please contact Lizzie at if you would like to donate plants.

Thanks for your interest in the Festival.

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