Saturday, April 28, 2012

agrowculture: find a farm or start a farm

I think one of the most valuable things that's come from establishing the Moreland Food Gardens Network (and it's pretty self evident I guess) is the connections that we've established within our local community.

SGA have doing a great job helping people to establish local organic gardening groups (PODs).

Enabling people who share a common interest to find each other is tremendously valuable. A networked community is stronger and more resilient. It goes without saying that this is one of the most powerful things that the internet and web has facilitated. We could do it before but now it's so much easier.

agrowculture is an inspiring project in New York that's enabling farmers and communities to establish hyper-local food networks by providing resources, information and tools and by helping them to petition for opportunities to grow food in their local areas.

In their words:
We grow hyper-local food production and sales networks.
We connect urban farmers with their community through our online sales and marketing platform.
We help you start small-scale urban farms, by connecting you with real-time local market data, project funding and urban farming technologies.
Check out this video that explains how they're hoping to do it or read their latest post here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Advocating for urban horticulture in Moreland

The Moreland Food Gardens Network is currently focusing on advocating for urban horticulture at local government level. Early this year we've had the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of the Moreland Open Space Strategy (MOSS). To have a read of the submission we've made to the City of Moreland regarding MOSS click here.

We believe that community-based urban horticulture must be actively supported by the City of Moreland because of the many positive outcomes it delivers for those who get directly involved as well as to the general Moreland community, these include:
● providing food security and access,
● encouraging sustainable living and off-setting climate change,
● promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing,
● improving the liveability of our city,
● generating community cohesion and social inclusion,
● the retention and propagation of culture and knowledge.

Many Moreland residents already participate in urban horticulture activities both publicly and privately. Of course private gardens are probably the most common place for this to happen but a more careful examination of the open space in Moreland reveals a range of other locations being used including community gardens, nature strips, beside railways and freeway overpasses as well as in planter boxes.

At the moment,the Draft Moreland Street Landscape Strategy is up for community consultation and we plan to put together a response. If you would like to get involved in this process, please let us know!  It's up for consultation until 11th May 2012.

MFGN encourages collaborations with Council, various organisations and research institutions and of coarse residents, in order to achieve a healthier and greener Moreland for years to come.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Zero Carbon Moreland's Concession Assist is free for Health Care Card, Concession Card & Pension Card holders living in Moreland

It will help make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills by giving you:
• Free products to make your home more energy and water efficient – installed at no charge.
• The right energy efficiency advice for your home
• Ongoing support through the Zero Carbon Moreland community program, including updates on how to continue the good work you've started with Concession Assist.

Book your free Home Energy Check via the registration page or call the Moreland Energy Foundation today on 9385 8585.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Swap! Swap! Swap! Coburg Edibles Swap! This Saturday at PepperTree Place

Suffering (?) a bounty of Autumn produce?
Sick to the back teeth of the same home grown veg?
Don't fret, you are not alone and there is a solution!

Take yourself and your surplus produce down to PepperTree Place for the Coburg Edibles Swap this Saturday (and on the first Saturday of every month) and swap it for someone else's excess home grown amazingness.

The Cafe and plant nursery are open too.

If you haven't discovered this fantastic oasis of calm in the centre of Coburg, find something you have too much of in the garden and get down there and have a look.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An amazing database of about 7000 useful plants (with added QR codes!) - Plants For A Future

If you haven't come across the Plants For A Future website, it's worth taking a look and bookmarking.

They have an amazing database of about 7000 edible, medicinal and otherwise useful plants. It has photos, use information for many plants and a search tool for sifting through the database. One downside is that it is UK focused so Northern hemisphere seasons are shown as well as growing instructions. Also, it's a noble work in progress so forgive them a few gaps (no Pepperberry for example).

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