Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Advocating for urban horticulture in Moreland

The Moreland Food Gardens Network is currently focusing on advocating for urban horticulture at local government level. Early this year we've had the opportunity to contribute to the drafting of the Moreland Open Space Strategy (MOSS). To have a read of the submission we've made to the City of Moreland regarding MOSS click here.

We believe that community-based urban horticulture must be actively supported by the City of Moreland because of the many positive outcomes it delivers for those who get directly involved as well as to the general Moreland community, these include:
● providing food security and access,
● encouraging sustainable living and off-setting climate change,
● promoting physical and mental health and wellbeing,
● improving the liveability of our city,
● generating community cohesion and social inclusion,
● the retention and propagation of culture and knowledge.

Many Moreland residents already participate in urban horticulture activities both publicly and privately. Of course private gardens are probably the most common place for this to happen but a more careful examination of the open space in Moreland reveals a range of other locations being used including community gardens, nature strips, beside railways and freeway overpasses as well as in planter boxes.

At the moment,the Draft Moreland Street Landscape Strategy is up for community consultation and we plan to put together a response. If you would like to get involved in this process, please let us know!  It's up for consultation until 11th May 2012.

MFGN encourages collaborations with Council, various organisations and research institutions and of coarse residents, in order to achieve a healthier and greener Moreland for years to come.
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