Saturday, April 28, 2012

agrowculture: find a farm or start a farm

I think one of the most valuable things that's come from establishing the Moreland Food Gardens Network (and it's pretty self evident I guess) is the connections that we've established within our local community.

SGA have doing a great job helping people to establish local organic gardening groups (PODs).

Enabling people who share a common interest to find each other is tremendously valuable. A networked community is stronger and more resilient. It goes without saying that this is one of the most powerful things that the internet and web has facilitated. We could do it before but now it's so much easier.

agrowculture is an inspiring project in New York that's enabling farmers and communities to establish hyper-local food networks by providing resources, information and tools and by helping them to petition for opportunities to grow food in their local areas.

In their words:
We grow hyper-local food production and sales networks.
We connect urban farmers with their community through our online sales and marketing platform.
We help you start small-scale urban farms, by connecting you with real-time local market data, project funding and urban farming technologies.
Check out this video that explains how they're hoping to do it or read their latest post here.

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