Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Melbourne City Rooftop: 40+ hives & a bright future @rooftopbees

In March last year, we told you about a fantastic enterprise called Melbourne City Rooftop Honey which aims to help save the honey bee by bringing bees back to the city and suburbs (they describe it much better on their website than I have).

Back in March they had 18 hives on roofs around the City of Melbourne. Last time I checked, they had over 40 with hundreds of people on their waiting list. Amazing.

They started with a $1000 grant from the Awesome Foundation and earlier this year, the City of Melbourne gave them a further $28,000 to extend their work.

Some of us were lucky enough to meet Mat and Vanessa, the lovely people behind Melbourne City Rooftop Honey, one Sunday afternoon in Coburg a few months back. They were inspiring, generous, passionate and knowledgable, friendly and accessible and really seemed to enjoy talking with people about what they do.  They didn't even mind our silly questions.

I reckon most of us who were there that afternoon thought pretty hard for a moment about having our own hive and doing our bit as we talked about the plight of bees, tasted the various yummy local honeys they brought with them and marvelled at the difference in the flavours of Brunswick and Carlton. One of us now has a hive, joining a growing number of people who are keeping bees in the suburbs.

I never tire of telling people about that afternoon or this project as I think it's a great example of starting small and building something amazing that inspires others and draws attention to an issue that needs a great deal of it.

If you can, take 2 and a bit minutes to check out this terrific little film about them and what they do and keep an eye out for their honey in a shop near you (Albert St Food & Wine is where I get mine).

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