Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Forest Camp: Restore senses. Challenge your mind. Find surprise

(from Juliette at Sharing Abundance)

Another day, another amazing project to share... this time much more intense than any of the suburban stuff I usually talk about... A Forest Camp!

Developed by 3 mavericks who love getting out and beyond, A Forest Camp is the ultimate in uncharted holiday experiences. Hipsters take note, there is not yet a Lonely Planet guide on this type of holiday. 

Firstly there will be no internet connection, secondly you will have to create your own sleeping shelter and thirdly (and most herotic on my radar) you will encouraged and taught how to forage to food...amazing! Reflective thinking is a must, an open mind would definitely be beneficial and an appreciation for all things much bigger than you is your parting gift. 

Leave your converse at home with your fixie and tight jeans, this is an event to put all of that stuff into rather harsh perspective.

In their words: 
"A Forest Camp suits those who require a break from the noise of everyday life, those needing to restore themselves, needing a challenge, or just needing to take stock of life and work in a simple, quiet, unstructured, though always supportive environment. We tailor experiences to families, school children, individuals, organisations and businesses alike. Be a student of the forest with us for a weekend of simple living, of reconnecting to the lifeforms that enable us to live well and wisely."

A camping trip is currently being planned for July so head over to the website to register your details... hopefully before another uber travel guide reporter gets there first.
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