Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RECLAIM THE CURB: Enough talking, let's make our streets productive.

MFGN have been doing a bit of advocacy in recent months in response to community consultations around Moreland's Open Space and Street Landscape Strategies. It's time consuming and tedious work ploughing through policies and strategies, position statements and plans. It's hard to know how to best channel your frustrations to best effect and at the end of it, you're never quite sure how much impact (if any) your work will have.

So, I for one totally get the impetus behind the project described below.

Heard of Reclaim the Streets? Well Reclaim the Curb is a group of people who want to take to the streets (hopefully yours) to make the curbs productive spaces.

They developed this project in response to Moreland's Open Space Strategy consultation earlier this year, and the general frustration of a lot of talking and not enough doing.

In their own words:
"Whether it be planting out the space full of edible amazingness or creating a perfect place to sit and enjoy the view, Reclaim the Curb is about empowering people to take control of the places in which they belong, meeting their neighbours and enjoying the great outdoors."
The project website has just been launched and the first site to reclaim has been secured.

Exciting times in suburbia!
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