Tuesday, June 5, 2012

West Brunswick Community Garden - Come and get involved - Saturday 16th June at 2pm (spread the word!)

The West Brunswick Community Garden in Dunstan Reserve (above) was established in 1995 and has provided residents with a place to meet and somewhere to grow food ever since.

Unfortunate recent troubles lead council to seek a new management group to run the garden. They backed a proposal from volunteer resident group Coburg Community Gardening that aims to revitalise the garden and open it to more residents as a welcoming, lively community hub. Plans include a mix of communal/shared gardening and personal plots and improved facilities where locals can meet, learn and share. If you're interested in the details of the proposal, you can read it here.

The garden has an exciting future but it obviously needs people. It's up to all of us to make it so.

Join your fellow Morelanders at a public get-together to find out more about the future of the garden and how you can be involved.  Come down and chat, check out the plans and join the fun.

When: 2pm on June 16th
WhereWest Brunswick Community Garden, Dunstan Reserve

We'll be holding our first food swap too so if you have too much of anything, feel free to bring it down and swap it for someone else's surplus.

Pass it on....
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