Thursday, July 5, 2012

5 Things I Love about Pepper Tree Place Nursery

1. It is a volunteer run nursery at the Coburg community garden.  The profits go back into the garden and support local folk to learn about horticulture, share their skills and be socially engaged.

2. The plants are cheap!

3. The plants are strong. Ever bought plants that have looked great and lush in the nursery only to get them home and they shrivel up and die?  Often plants are in too pampered  in the nursery- such as low light and lots of water.  The plants at Pepper Tree Place seem to have just the right amount of TLC but they are tough enough to thrive in your average back yard. This process of preparing plants to be planted into the environment from a sheltered propagation area is called hardening off.

4. Veggie seedlings can be bought individually.  Sometimes you only have space for one tomato or cabbage and don't want to buy a whole punnet. Or you can stagger some plantings so your harvest doesn't all come at once.

5. The variety is great from unusual edible plants to indigenous natives.  Many of the plants are also growing in the gardens so you can see what they will look like as they get bigger.

The nursery is open Wednesdays 10am – 3pm and the 1st Sat of the month 10 – 12noon.
A great nursery to support, check it out sometime!
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