Monday, July 16, 2012

Buy olive oil from the farm gate without going to the farm

Great Western Olives is a small family owned olive grove near the Grampians in western Victoria. Frantoio, Manzanillo and Kalamata olives are grown there. The olives are used to produce a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, rich in anti-oxidants, with fresh aromatic flavours and a mild peppery finish.

The oil is sold in specialist stores in small bottles, mainly in Western Victoria, but is available via Julie Francis, Bill and Helen’s niece, in bulk, in Melbourne.  18 L drums are available at extremely discounted prices.

The olive grove is run by Bill and Helen Francis, and is part of their small farm with native grass pastures and some cattle.  The grove is growing in a native pasture block which is maintained by slashing the grass and weeds and occasional use of herbicide to control grass between the trees.  The trees and fruits themselves are generally not sprayed with any chemical. Irrigation is used during the summer and early autumn.

For information about getting your own 18 L drum or for smaller portions, contact Julie in Brunswick at:
p 03 9939 4094 (AH)

Note: If you're decanting from an 18 L drum into another container, make sure that the container is well washed, and preferably limits light (e.g. a green or brown bottle or a tin) to stop the quality of the oil from degrading over time.

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