Sunday, August 12, 2012

If you eat you're in! Inspiration from @incredibledible Todmorden (video)

"We are all part of a local food jigsaw, we are all part of a solution" - Pam Warhurst
Some of you may have heard of Incredible Edible Todmorden and their fantastic, integrated and inclusive effort to put food at the centre of their local community, places of learning and businesses.

Whether you've heard of Todmorden or not, watch this TED talk by Pam Warhurst. It'll leave you feeling energised, empowered and wanting to get your gumboots and gloves on and get out there.

They're volunteers, they didn't wait for permission or funding or a strategy document or community consultation or framework planning document, they just started and kept going. To quote Pam they've shown that "the power of small actions is awesome".

They started by greening places around their town, inspired local educators to get involved, convinced local merchants to sell more locally produced food which meant more business for local growers. In response to all of their work and the increasing momentum their local authority created an asset register of spare land and a series of licenses that can facilitate the use of public land for growing food.

If after watching this you're asking yourself "Yeah but what can I do?" They answer is PLENTY! Here are a few ideas (you'll find some things on this website if you browse around):

  • get along to a pruning workshop (even if you don't have a fruit tree),
  • attend a food swap and meet local people who're growing food, 
  • visit a community garden and chat to people about getting involved, 
  • plant some food in your garden,
  • plant a tree in your nature strip, 
  • start a food garden in your kids' primary school, 
  • dig up your driveway and plant it,
Whatever you do, do something! You'll never look back and you'll meet loads of other people just like you along the way.
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