Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Edible Bus Stop (@ediblebusstop): Another great UK example of using unloved public space to grow food

Another inspiring, interesting and innovative effort from the UK (see here for some others). Check out this 2 minute video....

I really like The Edible Bus Stop, a group of South London residents getting together to transform their streets (they've done 4 bus stops so far). 

I reckon we've already got the rising tide of similar projects in Moreland with the nascent Friends of Upfield Linear Park, Friends of Edward St, West Brunswick Food Forest, the Moreland Adopt-a-Tree project and Reclaim the Curb. Not all of these are exclusively food-focused but there's potential and interest. All of them show how much energy and enthusiasm there is contained in the people around us.

We've talked in the past about a vision of fruit trees along our streets, people grabbing an apple or a pear on their way to or from work or school. Imagine bus stops, train stations and nature strips bursting with veg, median strips overflowing with herbs!

Do you know somewhere this could work? Why not do something about it? Don't know where to start? Get together with some neighbours and plan something awesome or just go get your shovel, dig a hole and plant something!
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