Thursday, August 2, 2012

The National Food Plan

The Australian Government is developing the National Food Plan.  On 17 July 2012, Senator the Hon. Joe Ludwig, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, released the National Food Plan green paper on behalf of the Australian Government.  This article provides a good summary and analysis of the current draft National Food Plan which seems to put the interests of big business ahead of health, equity, and food security.  It states:

"... contrary to the Government’s claims, the green paper is a recipe for increasing vulnerability, lack of resilience, and heightened inequality in our food system. A different approach, based on a different set of values and priorities, is required.  That is why the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance is inviting all concerned members of the public to join us in a participatory and democratic conversation to develop a food system that is truly fit for the challenges of this century."

The green paper is the second stage in developing the National Food Plan and follows the release and subsequent stakeholder consultation last year on the Issues paper to inform development of a national food plan. The government has released the green paper to seek feedback on current government policies on food as well as obtain views on a number of possible options that are discussed.

Stakeholder consultation on the green paper will comprise:
  • a series of public meeting in all capital cities and a number of regional locations. You can find information about meeting dates and locations here as well as register to attend a meeting at here
  • a call for written submissions
  • online discussion on the National Food Plan blog
  • use of social media (follow us @NatFoodPlan)
We encourage you to contribute to the National Food Plans development and forward this information to anyone who may also be interested in contributing.

For further information on the development of the National Food Plan or copies of the green paper, please visit

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