Saturday, September 8, 2012

South Melbourne Commons Gardening Workshop (Sat 15th Sept)

South Melbourne Commons are running a series of free spring gardening workshops. This event is sponsored by the City of Port Phillip. The workshops are run at the same time as the Bank St market. The workshops include children gardening, what spring and summer vegetables to plant, seedling propagation and salad and herb gardening.

To Register:
Call 9209 6548 or email

The Corner of Bank and Montague Streets, South Melbourne
next to the old bluestone church. 217 – 239 Montague St

When: September Saturday 15th 2012, 10am to 2pm

10am to 11pm Little hands gardening by Tash van Velzen
(2 sessions : 10am - 10.30am, age 2 to 8; 10.30 -11am, age 9 to 12)
Children will be welcome to participate in a tailored, hands on gardening session at The Commons. They will make their own paper pot, sow seeds of spring vegetables ready for them to take home. They will learn how to nurture and tend their plant at home and have the opportunity to taste it!

11am to 12pm - Spring and summer vegetables by Angelo Eliades
Learn about what the different spring and summer vegetables to plant out. Learn how to grow each vegetable and what they need to produce a good yield.

12pm to 2pm - Seedling propagation by Angelo Eliades
Learn different was to propagate seeds and cuttings and what is the best potting mix to use.

1pm to 2pm - Salad and herb pot garden by Angelo Eliades
Learn to grow your own herbs and salad greens in small spaces using beautiful arrangements of terracotta pots.

About the presenters:
Tash van Velzen –Environmental Educator, Horticulturalist
Tash wears a range of different hats in this world in regards to food, gardens and horticulture and the one that fits best is when she can connect people and nature with hands on activities through to garden design utilising sustainable gardening principles as a grounding philosophy.
She consults and teaches to school aged children (Primary through Tertiary) and community using her Horticulture skills. She likes to help schools and their community get the best of worlds; that is not only producing and sharing local foods, but creating living landscapes for learning, exploring and constant discovery.
Food is important but developing empathy and awe for all living things will set a child on a lifetime pathway of learning and respect for the earth.

Angelo Eliades   -   Permaculture, Sustainable Garden Presenter, Trainer and Writer
Angelo is a passionate forest gardening advocate, and has a thriving demonstration Permaculture food forest garden in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs which he regularly opens to the public.
With over a decade of experience in organic gardening, his specialty is designing and building food forests - sustainable intensive food production systems which utilize ecologically-based design principles for maximum productivity, minimum work and natural pest and weed control.
Angelo supports community gardening projects as a technical advisor. He is also the contribute writer in Permaculture Melbourne – Newsletter on gardening calendar and runs the educational sustainable gardening website Deep Green Permaculture

Warm Regards,
Charlie Si
SMC Garden Collective
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