Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

This post is reblogged.  Original source from Melbourne Free University can be accessed here.

"Eating is a mundane activity, sometimes pleasurable, sometimes routine. But how often do we think about what we eat as a social phenomenon rather than an exercise in personal taste? This course will be a six week long naked lunch, a collection of ‘frozen moments’ when we’ll stop chewing and attempt see exactly how ‘what is on the end of our forks’ got to be there. It’ll investigate issues surrounding the pursuit of ethical food consumption; why some eating practices are privileged and some are pathologised; who gets to eat what; the lifestyling of food; and the role of cooking and eating in popular culture. There’ll be breastmilk and Masterchefs and cooking shows and fat and locavores and vegans and meat."

The series of discussions will be taking place
on Thursdays 30th August – 10th October 2012, 6.30 – 8pm
at The Alderman (upstairs), 134 Lygon St East Brunswick &
co-ordinated by Helen Addison-Smith (Melbourne Uni). 
Hope to see some of you there!
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