Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Plantcatching: How I will stop committing unnecessary planticide and meet my neighbours

I'm an enthusiastic propagator.

I particularly like taking softwood cuttings and I'm proud to say I have some success in this. No doubt I'm enthusiastic because of this.

Surprisingly however, my success leads to quite a few dead plants. I end up with too many and run out of people willing to take them off my hands.

For me, that's why Plantcatcher is a brilliant idea. It will hopefully find homes for all those plants that might otherwise end their days in my compost bin.

Plantcatcher is a website that...wait, here's how they put it:
"connects you with gardeners in your area and lets you do two very simple things: 
1. Find plants, seeds and bulbs, gardening materials and even fruits and vegetables given by fellow gardeners, either anonymously in a public area, or personally at or near their property. 
2. Share your passion by giving your plants, seeds, bulbs and your own harvest crops so that existing members of the site or even passers-by can catch, plant and admire them, or eat them."
If you have something you want to give away, add details of what you have to the website and it will help you print a handy label with details of the plant and how to get more info. You get to decide how you want to make the plant available (put it somewhere public or ask people to contact you to arrange handover). It's very easy to do.

If you're looking for a plant, search by putting in your suburb and it will show you what's available in your area. To see an example try looking for Coburg, Australia (it's an international site).

We have a healthy food/edibles swap scene here in Moreland with at least one food swap every weekend but this doesn't work for everyone. I think there's room for Plantcatching as well.

Web: http://plantcatching.com
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