Monday, November 19, 2012

SMH article by James Robertson urges Syndneysiders to grown their own food


"Grow your own food to protect city from disaster, Sydneysiders urged"
November 17, 2012

Some quotes:

SYDNEY'S fresh food would only last two or three days if a cataclysmic disaster struck, experts say.

Steven Newton, the chairman of the Retailers Action Working Group, which plans food industry responses to potential national crises such as pandemics or floods, said … the supply channels of Australia's increasingly concentrated and commercialised farming industry were more vulnerable to disaster shocks than the dispersed small-scale farming model of 30 years ago.

''We don't know what it's like to produce food,'' Ms Hill [The Youth Food Movement] said. ''If people grow one vegetable they will never look at food the same way and underestimate the value of the farmer.''
She encourages young urbanites to think critically about where their food comes from and buy from local farmers - or grow their own..

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