Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Countdown...Only 13 days 'til Hot Diggity The Third! (Jan 13th Brunswick)

Hey friends,

Countdown...Only 13 days til Hot Diggity The Third!

Hot Diggity!
Sunday Jan 13th
@ Luscombe St Community Garden (43 Luscombe St, Brunswick)
Bands from 12pm til 7:30pm

Let's share a symbiotic relationship - 

You: drink Thunderroad Beer, cider & wine; eat Dos Diablos fabulous tacos; tap your feet to some of Melbourne's finest bands; wander through local secondhand and craft markets; have a sit in the sunshine on our garden lawn amongst this summer's finest veggie crops with fantastic company...Whoa!

While We: become ecstatically happy that we can share this day with you and buy plenty of materials to keep our garden functioning.

Sounds pretty good to me...I'm sure those that made it to events 1 and 2 will agree it's a beautiful day not to be missed!

Want to know more about 'we'?

Check out this vid...

Follow us on Twitter: @hotdiggityfest

Hope to see y'all there with your smiley faces!
Nicole x
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