Monday, April 29, 2013

Symposium: Edible Landscapes: Challenges and Opportunities for Growing Food in Cities (Melbourne, Thu 6th June 2013)

Interest in urban agriculture, from home vegetable gardens to city farms, has increased rapidly in recent years. What are the next steps needed to make urban agriculture successful, both technically and socially? This symposium focuses on edible landscapes in parks, streets, schools and private gardens. Issues to be explored include: the role of local government in facilitating urban agriculture; design, management and maintenance of food growing spaces; and the work of entrepreneurs in private, school and corporate edible landscapes.

Speakers include Jodi Jackson (Lemon Tree project); Jason Summers (City of Hume); Mark Sanders (West Brunswick Community Garden/Moreland Food Gardens Network); Peter Huff (City of Yarra/Cultivating Community); Dr Peter May (May Horticulture Services); Karen Sutherland (Edible Eden Design); Fabian Capomolla (the Little Veggie Patch Co); Michelle Rayner (the Patch Primary School); and Dr Chris Williams (Burnley Campus, University of Melbourne). 

A panel discussion on edible landscapes will be facilitated by Clear Horizon.

This symposia is suitable for:
Landscape designers, community activists, permaculturists, green space managers, architects, landscape architects, garden designers, horticulturists, urban ecologists, environmental managers, vegetation and tree managers, garden superintendents, community organisations, land use professionals, planners, community gardeners, food activists, public health planners, teachers, developers, local government councillors
Topics to be covered:
  • Relationship between local government and community activists in creating edible landscapes
  • Issues such as food plants for streetscapes, improving the aesthetic appeal of edible landscapes, and exploring the horticultural and maintenance skills required to make urban agriculture really work
  • Increasing the use of perennial food plants, multi-cultural edible plantings, designing food spaces for maximum yield, and food growing businesses
  • Case studies from organisations working in partnership across business, local government and the community for urban agriculture - such as the Lemon Tree project
  • Managing community gardens and orchards
  • Edible landscapes in schools: design, maintenance and management
Where: University of Melbourne's Burnley Campus
When: Thursday, 6 June 2013, 9.30am – 4.30pm
Cost: Full price $250, Concession $150

Flyer and Registration Form
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