Thursday, April 4, 2013

Warm n Fuzzy it up in Coburg this Saturday morning 6th April!

The sun will be shining, the coffee and tea will be brewing, the kids will be frolicking, the Bollywood dance workshop will be cranking and the tomatoes will be crushing and bottling... what more incentive do you need?

Come along to our monthly Home grown edibles swap and community gathering this Saturday 6th of April from 10am 12pm at 512 Sydney Road Coburg at...
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  • Barter and admire the last cherished harvests of Summer at the swap table
  • Come along and help out and learn some skills in the art of tomato preserving in the community kitchen (this will run between 11am and 2.30pm) You can also take a peek at our a whiz bang new tomatoe crusher which will soon be available for hire in the Community Kitchen.
  • Snack on delicious baked goods from around the world at the Cafe Co-operative
  • Browse the edible, bright and colourful plant selection of the Community Nursery including our range of winter veggie seedlings and bags of sheep poo!
  • Be inspired by unique handmade crafts at the visiting Craft Co-operative and find out how you can join.
  • Explore the diversity of our local community by celebrating Holi, the Hindu festival of colours.  This event is brought to you in collaboration with the Multicultural womens Sewing Group as part of 'Food, Faith & Fabric Fun' a series of events which showcase the fun activities, foods and stories of how different people live life and practice their faith... by fun activities we mean Bollywood dance workshop, colourful weaving and mural painting and drinking pommegranite Juice.
 All proceeds from Swap Saturdays support the growth of people-plant projects at PepperTree Place. Please help spread the word by forwarding this email to friends and family.


PepperTree Place, 512 Sydney Road, Coburg, VIC 3058 Phone 0414 507 311 Email 
Can't find us? Have a look on the Local Treasures of Coburg North map c/o Victoria Walks
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