Thursday, May 23, 2013

Coburg Farmer's Market goes off and it's on again this Saturday!

A few weeks back I saw yet another inspiring example of people in Moreland doing something simple but awesome - the Coburg Farmer's Market.

Even though I didn't have anything to do with getting this going, I must admit that I really want it to be a success and I was feeling a tad nervous as we walked to Coburg North Primary School on Saturday morning.

Would enough people show up?
Would there be enough producers?
Would there be a good mix of interestingness and everyday?

I needn't have been concerned. People came in their hundreds and even though I'm sure there were plenty just having a look, the traders/producers seemed happy enough with how things were going. There were seasoned stall holders who frequent other farmer's markets around Melbourne and others who hadn't done it before and a good mix of stuff.

I don't think I was the only local grateful that so many had showed up either. I saw looks of relief and happiness on lots of faces.

To those who worked hard to make this happen, to the growers and makers and to all the people of Moreland and elsewhere who came along - thanks. I'll be going back. Long may it continue.

Coburg Farmer's Market

When:  2nd & 4th Saturday every month
Where:  Coburg North Primary School, 180 O’Hea Street, Coburg
Time:  8:00am - 1:00pm
Cost:  gold coin donation for specific kids’ school projects would be appreciated
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