Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday 23rd June: Enjoy some West Brunswick Food Forest Permablitz Goodness

A week to go until the fabulous Moreland Community Gardening June Garden-&-Gather-slash-Permablitz-Working-Bee down at the West Brunswick Food Forest & Community Garden

When: Sunday 23rd June 9.30am - 4.30pm
Where: Dunstan Reserve, West Brunswick - enter from Everett St through the car park beside Moreland Child Care Centre, 51 Everett St.
RSVP to so we can cater lunch for everyone

You may not know about this amazing food forest, right on your doorstep with 30+ mature productive food trees. A terrific companion to the community garden next door, it provides a stable, long term perennial counterpart to the garden's mostly seasonal, transient, plant-harvest-replant cycle. This unique place will only get better as it becomes more established and we locals invest some love and attention. You can also read a bit more about it here.

"The Plan'
So what are we doing on 23rd June?
Our project to rejuvenate the food forest has been underway for a year now. For a bit of a boost at the end of this rebuilding phase and to spread the word about whats happening down at Dunstan Reserve, we're teaming up with the incredible Permablitz crew (if you haven't come across their work, check it out).

We're inviting lots of friends to help give us a push over the line and prepare the food forest for a soon-to-be-established band of dedicated food forest rangers (more on this soon).

It'll be an extended day (9.30am-4.30pm) 'cos we've got lots to do and plenty of fun to be had. Amongst other things we'll:
  • prune anything that needs it
  • plant out understorey plants and maybe some trees
  • mulch and weed
  • work on the pergola for the climbing vines
  • help in the community garden if there are enough volunteers
At various points during the day there'll be some short workshops on:
  • pruning
  • planting
  • food forest design
  • edible plants
  • composting
There'll be lots of us there, come and be a part of it.

We'll provide a great lunch for everyone who comes to help (RSVP to so we can cater).

All you need to bring are your gardening gloves, secateurs, hand tools for planting, sensible footwear and clothing, and a readiness to get stuck in.
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