Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gunyah - Open Edible Garden in Pascoe Vale - tomorrow Sunday 14th July

Gunyah Garden is open this weekend

22 Lochinvar Street, Pascoe Vale South
10-4.30 pm, Saturday & Sunday

This weekend is a chance to see the urban food garden of Karen Sutherland, with over 200 edible and useful plants in an ornamental setting.

Come and see what's grown and harvested this time of year in Melbourne, from colourful Perennial Bell Peppers to sub-tropicals like Chokoes. There are root vegetables from the garden for tasting, such as Oca, Jerusalem Artichokes, Sweet Potato (from the roof garden). John will be brewing up organic coffees, and hot chocolate with a garden twist - bush herbs Cinnamon Myrtle and Native Pepper to spice it up. Helene has been baking all week to bring you treats with garden ingredients.The older John can talk about any steel in the garden - from the aquaponics to the Kiwi fruit pergola - he built it.

Karen is giving free talks at 11am, 1pm and 3pm each day - on Bush Herbs, Wall Gardens and what's in the garden in Winter.

Also for sale on the weekend -
  • Interesting edible plants - Fragola (Strawberry) Grape, Strawberry Guavas, Native Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, as well as a rare offering - Chilean Hazelnut. This lovely evergreen plant is related to our native Macadamia but is rarely seen for sale
  • Heritage seeds from Karen's garden - Delta Louise Snow Pea, Perennial Kale, etc
  • Honey and honeycomb from the rooftop bees
  • Sticky papers for Gall Wasps, secateur sharpeners, Earthcraft Compost and old tools from our friend Lance.
Moreland Community Gardening will be there if you're interested in chatting asbout the West Brunswick Community Garden or the Food Forest.

Hope to see some of you there!
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