Sunday, July 14, 2013

Join the Friends of the Food Forest - Sunday 21st July at 11am (West Brunswick)

What's happening? A meeting to establish the Friends of the Food Forest

Where? West Brunswick Community Garden, Behind 49 Everett Street, Brunswick West VIC 3055

When? Sunday 21st July at 11am

Have you taken the time to walk through the fantastic food forest hidden in West Brunswick in Dunstan Reserve?

Moreland Community Gardening are the lucky custodians of this inspiring, unique resource. It compliments the nearby West Brunswick community garden beautifully, providing a permanent and perennial partner with a mixture of over 30 fruit, nut and olive trees as well as berries, herbs, natives, ground covers etc. including:
  • mulberry, currants
  • pistachios, almonds, hazelnut, 
  • apple, pear, 
  • olives,
  • fig, 
  • apricot, plum, loquats,
  • grape vines, passionfruits
  • feijoas, guavas,
  • persimmons,
  • pomegranate.
The food forest is a long term project that has the support of Moreland City Council. It's been there for more than 15 years and we have the chance to grow it into an even more amazing place for everyone to enjoy as well as a great place to learn.

With the help of a seeding grant from the council, we've made a great start over the last year and we recently had a fantastic Permablitz in June that gave the area a real boost. It's looking great.

What next?
As the first part of the rejuvenation project comes to a close, we're looking for a group to help take care of things like planting, pruning, berry wrangling, soil enrichment, pest management, signage, harvesting (and eating!), running events and workshops (and of course watering and weeding).

If this sparks your imagination, send us an email at and lets get together for an informal chat and a cuppa on Sunday 21st July at 11am down at the community garden so we can flesh out some ideas, roles, interests and get to know each other.

Who can join in?
Although we're obviously happy if you have relevant skills and knowledge, you don't need to have any to get involved, we have a wide range of skills to draw on and we're happy to share! If you're keen, treat this as a learning space or somewhere you can put your knowledge to good use. Where else will you have a chance to work with such a wide variety of mature trees and establish a complex, self-sustaining mini ecosystem.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
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