Monday, July 1, 2013

MOOCs on Food and Diet

MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are "online course[s] aimed at large-scale interactive participation and open access via the web"(Wikipedia). They're a bit of a buzzy thing right now and some people reckon they might be the future of education. Some say they're about as high on the hype cycle as they can go.

The attraction is easy to understand, course material and lectures from some top tertiary institutions available on-line to everyone for free.

Anyway, one of our friends has pointed out a couple of MOOCs that you might find of interest. As yet, we don't know how good these are, if you know (or try them out), please add comments.

Coursera has Sustainability of Food Systems: A Global Life Cycle Perspective from the University of Minnesota which they describe as "explor[ing] the diversity of the foods we eat, the ways in which we grow, process, distribute, and prepare them, and the impacts they have upon our environment, health, and society. We will also examine the challenges and opportunities of creating a more sustainable global food system in the future."

It runs for 8 weeks and requires 3-4 hrs per week.

There's also Healthy Sustainable Diets from the University of Sheffield which "will identify key changes required to make our diets healthier and sustainable and considers some of the current dilemmas around eating a healthy and sustainable diet. It will examine the role of current sustainability labelling, and explores options for a multi health and sustainability label. Participants will discuss the possibilities of policy options to enable citizens to make the required shift from unhealthy and unsustainable consumption patterns."

It runs for 5 weeks and requires 3-5 hrs per week.
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