Tuesday, August 20, 2013

International Permaculture and Horticulture Volunteer Oppurtunities

Itchy feet?  Want to share your skills with people who need it most? The Australian Red Cross has some inspiring openings for volunteers in Africa.  The positions all aim to develop sustainable horticulture and local food security.


Help subsistence farmers in a beautiful Ugandan village to establish a sustainable, organic and community-owned food supply using permaculture techniques. Assist with the establishment of two greenhouse gardens, create a permaculture network and train farmers in permaculture practice.


Interested in sustainable food production and community gardening? Then head to Kenya to support Red Cross with a range of food security projects. You will train volunteers and farmers in horticulture techniques and trial organic gardening methods.

Horticulturalist Peter Newbigin working in Kenya says that organic farming is now being promoted - not as a label to attract discerning buyers, but as a way to reduce financial strain on low-income communities and improve the sustainability of production.
"When we talk of the most vulnerable, these people are interested in how they can manage their resources," Peter says. "For example, by picking caterpillars off their crop every morning, farmers utilise labour - a plentiful resource - and avoid expensive pesticides. Organic soil management techniques such as mulching can reduce water use and reliance on commercial fertilisers." http://volunteering.redcross.org.au/vw/en/#/job/493312/horticulture-officer-int-volunteer


Work with Red Cross on a food security strategy to help communities reduce their reliance on rain cycles. You will investigate current practices and explore the use of agro-technologies to support sustainable food production. http://volunteering.redcross.org.au/vw/en/#/job/493283/horticulture-officer-int-volunteer

All assignments are part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development program and cover travel, accommodation and living costs, as well as health and security support.

Applications close on 29 August and the assignments begin in November.

For more information visit the Red Cross website here or call (03) 9345 1834.
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