Monday, August 5, 2013

Launching the People’s Food Plan for Australia

The movement towards a fair, diverse and local food system for all Australians is growing!  MFGN co-founder & nutritionist, Rasha Tayeh, has been working closely with the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance to promote the People's Food Plan.

In 2012, around 600 people were invited to participate in public forums to discuss a common-sense approach to a fair, sustainable and resilient food system and put together a viable People’s Food Plan for Australia.

Participants from various public forums verified the growing social movement in sustainable food and farming practices in Australia. Public discussions translated into a new vision of transformation and steps to accomplish it. Forum participants imagined ways to change the existing corporate-dominated food system to one that prioritises people, their health and freedom to make informed choices about what they eat.

In fact, here in Moreland, we hosted a workshop to create a healthier food system.  Visit this blog post to read all about it. 

Some of the steps that are highlighted in the People's Food Plan include:
- Prioritise access to good, safe food for all Australians
- Reduce the excessive waste and environmental issues associated with industrial food production
- Introduce food literacy education in the school curriculum
- Diversify the current food economy to encourage creativity, entrepreneurship and opportunity by simplifying existing laws and by introducing new legislation to make it easier to set up social enterprise co-operatives, and small-to-medium-scale businesses in the food sector.

The People’s Food Plan for Australia will continue to be a part of the transition from an unfair and vulnerable food system to one that is equitable, local and resilient. 

For more information about the People's Food Plan, visit

~ Words by Lilly Nguyen, edited by Rasha Tayeh 
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