Thursday, December 5, 2013

PepperTree Place 7th December Swap Workshops

PepperTree Place this Saturday 7th December at 10am - 12pm

Welcome in summer at our first Summer Swap and our last swap for 2013 so come on down and exchange your abundant homegrown goodies for other local produce.
The Coburg Home-Grown Edibles Swap will be bursting with garden greens and spring goodies and whatever the underground larder gives up! Bring along your produce and swap & share backyard bounties with local growers from Moreland and beyond.
Seedlings that cry "Healthy Meals Are A'Coming!" will be available from the PepperTree Community Nursery and as always home baked tasty treats and delicious coffee on offer at the Cafe Cooperative.

Workshops on this Saturday include:

10.30am - Trestling and Taming your Tomatoes with Heidi
11am - ChookChat and all things Poultry with Paul
11.30am - Seed Swap Chat focussing on Brassicas with Judy

Bread Song...

Did you know that bread can sing? 
It will squeak and whisper as it hits the wide world after baking in the toasty depths of your oven. Bread song is something that makes you stop, breathe in belly warming scents and smile at small wonders.
You are invited to join Ross around the woodfired oven this Saturday to chat all things bread baking, listen to bread song and taste-test loaves as fresh as can be.
Bring your own creations to the oven by 10:30am and share in the age old tradition of community baking within this inviting community garden.

PepperTree Place, 512 Sydney Road, Coburg, VIC 3058
Phone (03) 8401 0100

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