Saturday, January 25, 2014

PepperTree Place - Harmony Day, Incr-Edible Food Swap, 1st Feb 2014

PepperTree Place celebrates Harmony Day, 1st February, 10am-12pm, 2014

Come and drop in to Peppertree Place and be a part of our first Incr-Edible Food Swap of the year.

We are back on board and working towards some exciting events this year, kicking off with celebrating Harmony Day on the 1st February. 

In partnership with the Multicultural Women's Sewing group, Harmony Day celebrates our diverse, local community with fresh food, fabric and fun activities for everyone to participate in. We will have a few local bread experts making, baking and 'breaking' different breads on the day for all to share. Dance and music performance from around the globe will be featured in a celebration of life, promoting harmony regardless of faith and religion.

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