Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Workshop: Collaborative Consumption: Using the Internet to share (Wed 19th Feb, Collingwood)

Come along to an interactive talk about how a few Melbourne based organisations are initiating small-scale grass-roots initiatives to promote sustainable economies. 

The ideas include facilitating neighbourhood sharing and collaboration, promoting capitalising on social and local capital to decrease environmental impact and increase collective wealth, and how multimedia can be used in innovative ways to communicate these ideas effectively.

More info here

Guest speakers
  • Kim Shore, Streetbank Australia 
  • Lisa Fox, Open Shed 
  • Nick Carson, Wikipedia editor/ digital activist 
  • Liam Hyland, Open Table 
  • Joleen, Brunswick Tool Lirbary Inc 
  • Darren Sharp, Social Surplus and Shareable.net

When: Wednesday February 19th, 6 pm,
Where: 312 Smith Street, Collingwood, Friends of the Earth food Co-op

Via - Kim and the Streetbank Australia Collective


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