Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coburg Incr-Edible Food Swap this Saturday, 3rd May

Saturday, 3rd May. 10am-12pm

Once again we welcome you to our food swap on this Saturday, 10am-12pm, where you can meet and greet other locals, food swappers and get stuff for free!!

You'll be pleasantly surprised most months to find not only food stuffs are being swapped. There might be recipes to accompany unusual edible ingredients on the table; seedlings, cut flowers, preserves and pickles made from swapped fruit and vegies to local stories and garden wisdom being shared amongst the crowd.

Ross will have the wood fired oven going to bake off any  doughy goods you might like to cook in there! 

The Popup Cafe will be serving hand baked treats to accompany your morning cuppa.

Browse the Community Nursery and snap up some affordable plants to plant in your garden - great time of year right now to transplant and get some plants going while the soil retains some summer warmth and before the cold slows everything down.

The Craft Coop is for anyone interested in selling their own (and others) handmade products regularly each month. A stall is set up each month and attended by a rotation of craft volunteers to promote their wares - if you're interested in joining this please come down and check it out! We would love to see more people contribute to this local enterprise.

PepperTree is your Community Hub that provides a family friendly, inclusive space for you to strengthen your ties to a vibrant, creative, sustainable and earth friendly community.
We have a composting hub here so if you can't manage your organic scraps at home - bring them here to feed our worms and composting systems on site!

We have volunteers that assist with many aspects of day to day management and maintenance of PepperTree Place so if this sounds like your cup of tea - and we do punctuate the day with lots of them, then come and see what PepperTree is all about and ask how you too can become a volunteer here.
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