Monday, May 19, 2014

Give 3 minutes in the next 24 hrs to help keep Yarra's #urbanag facilitator funded

Time and again I talk to people who cite the progressive approach Yarra Council took in 2012 appointing a dedicated urban agriculture facilitator.

They did what every council needs to do - established a dedicated resource to make it easier to grow more food in the city. They made it somebody's job to help and ended the urban-ag hand-balling that happens in councils everywhere. Yarra has managed to get so much done since putting this role in place.

It was thanks to the hard work of lots of local food people in Yarra that this ever happened and they've had to fight hard to keep it. We've been grateful for their efforts - they and their council established a beacon for us, a source of inspiration, admiration.

Sadly, Yarra Council's draft budget has provisionally cut the funding for this position.

There is hope if we act before 23rd May and you can help.

Take 3 minutes to sign this online petition and then share it with a few of your friends. 

They have 200 signatories so far, let's give it a big bump.

Worry not if you live outside Yarra. Yarra Council still needs to know how important you think this role is.

You can also do more than sign this petition:
  • Email councillors (contact details below) to ask if they will vote to restore Urban Ag Facilitator funding. Tell them your opinion.
  • Go to Councils budget info night 5.30-6-30pm TUESDAY 20th MAY @ Richmond Town Hall to raise your concerns/ give your feedback / present petitions
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: please tell your neighbours, friends, families, local networks and circulate it via social media so Yarra residents have a chance to have their say!
Read more about the cut here

You can reach all Yarra councillors by emailing all these addresses:

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