Monday, June 23, 2014

Mark your calendar! West Brunswick Food Forest Permablitz Saturday 12th July

Pruning, camaraderie, spades, pumpkin soup, wheelbarrows, workshops and a tremendous feeling of satisfaction await you on Saturday 12th July as we hold another remarkable Food Forest Permablitz with help from the amazing Permablitz Collective. Help get months of work done in a day, learn stuff and have a laugh while you're at it (PLUS we'll provide lunch for everyone who comes to help).

When: 9.30 - 4.30 Saturday 12th July

Where: Dunstan Reserve, West Brunswick - enter from Everett St through the car park beside Moreland Child Care Centre, 51 Everett St.

RSVP to (so we can cater lunch for everyone)

Prerequisites for attendance: your willingness to learn and get stuck in and a bit of common sense

Bring: gardening gloves, secateurs (if you want to prune), hand tools for planting, sensible footwear and clothing

This amazing food forest with 30+ mature productive food trees and a slowly developing under-storey of edible and companion plants is a terrific companion to the community garden next door provides a long-term, perennial counterpart to the garden's mostly seasonal, transient, plant-harvest-replant cycle. This unique place will only get better as it becomes more established and we invest some love and attention.

We've got lots to do and learn and plenty of fun to be had. Amongst other things we'll:
  • prune whatever needs it but mostly the fruit trees
  • Assess a few trees that are struggling 
  • work on the pergola for the climbing vines
  • Sheet mulch an area to suppress the grass
  • hold some short workshops on things like pruning and composting.
  • mulch and weed
Never been before? Come and check it out. If you came along last year, come and see how much the food forest has grown and developed over the year and to bump into the people you met last June.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Come Jam with City of Melbourne Tue 24 Jun: Rapid Prototyping Big Ideas for Local Food Projects

All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come. ~ Victor Hugo

Do you believe that Melbourne can have a food system that is healthier, more sustainable and fair for all? So do we. We also believe that there are ideas out there that could transform the way we produce, distribute, prepare, share, sell or consume food - contributing to a thriving local food economy for Melbourne now and into the future. Join us at the Local Food Project Big Ideas Jam on Tuesday 24 June, with others who are passionate about better food futures, to develop what could be the next world-changing idea.

Find out more and register here.

This event is a follow up to the EcoCity Food Forum in 2013, and the Going Local Forum earlier this year. The Local Food Project Big Ideas Jam is part of a program we're currently developing with City of Melbourne, The Food Alliance and the Open Food Network, which includes a Prototype Design Camp 25-27 July, and a Project Accelerator program over 10 weeks starting in September.

Through the Local Food Project Launchpad program of events and activities for 2014, our aim is to provide a launchpad for six Melbourne-based local food initiatives, and support the development of dozens more Victorian sustainable and fair food initiatives, and the passionate and innovative people who are driving them.

Join us for the Going Local Big Ideas Jam on Tuesday 24 June at State Library Victoria, and you will have the opportunity to share, develop and test ideas with teams of diverse, knowledgeable and experienced people from across the food sector - from growers and distributors to restauranteurs and educators, from policy-makers and community service providers to entrepreneurs and creative professionals.

At the Big Ideas Jam you will learn how to:
  • develop and test game-changing ideas using an open and collaborative team-based rapid prototyping process 
  • design and deliver a pitch for your big idea to find team members, engage supporters and attract funding 
Join us for a fun and exciting evening that will see up to 20 teams come together, and 20 big ideas designed and delivered in just two hours.

You’ll also hear more about the Local Food Project Prototype Design Camp 27-29 July, and what else we have planned for the rest of the Going Local Launchpad program for 2014.

So grab your ticket (and maybe one for a friend), and bring your passion, imagination and inspiration and we'll see you at State Library Victoria for the Jam on 24 June! :)

on behalf of the Going Local team

Friday, June 13, 2014

Growing Food Project: short documentary now online!

The Growing Food Project is now available to watch online!

Thanks to all the amazing people who have inspired this piece and featured in it, the great crew, Pozible supporters & everyone who attended screenings and supported us over the past few months.

Please share this film far & wide in your networks:

Growing Food Project from Rasha Tayeh on Vimeo.

For more details visit the Growing Food Project website.

Much love, Rasha Tayeh

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grants available for establishing new school gardens

In 2014, the Victorian Schools Garden Awards is pleased to introduce a new Grants Program. 

This program is designed to provide seed funding to schools to establish new gardens. This funding program will be held in tandem with the Awards program, which recognises existing and new school gardens and the achievements of students and the school community in school gardening.

New Grant Categories include:
  • New Sustainability Garden: two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • New Edible Garden: two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • NGIV Biodiversity Garden; two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • Sensory Garden; two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • Maintenance Grant: two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500
  • Getting Started Pack: one per category per regional catchment = 32 packs @ $250 redeemable vouchers and packs of in-kind contribution from NGIV supporters
  • School Backyard Makeover Pack: Plants and nursery products from NGIV members to the value of $2,250
  • Orchard Establishment Grant: one donated orchard statewide @ $1,000
  • Turf Establishment Grant: four turf packages statewide @ $4,500 each
Grant applications are now open and will close at 5pm on Friday 27 June 2014. Applicants will be notified by 18 July 2014 of the success of their application.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

This Saturday, 7th June @ PepperTree Place

This Saturday the Incr-Edible Coburg Food Swap is on!! 

This month will feature as part of Reconciliation Week and indigenous cultural exploration - Connection to Country - an indigenous perspective of spirituality, connection to land, nature, food, music and living it locally.

This has been brought to you by a wonderful partnership with the Multicultural Women's Sewing Group who have weaved their magic over the last two years and have featured different spiritual and interfaith celebrations hosted here at PepperTree Place.
We will have hand made damper for you and your kids to cook over a fire, music, string making and stories and an open discussion on indigenous culture, art, history and perspectives. 
This activity is all free and you're all welcome! 

Ross will have the wood fired oven cranked and happy to take on board your home made doughy creations once again with sweet treats, great coffee and tea available from our pop-up cafe. Come and browse our affordable range of plants form the nursery that await your tender green thumbs.

We are located at:
512 Sydney Road
Coburg 3058
Main Entrance from Urquhart St (Pentridge Prison side, plenty of car parking)
Back entrance from Bell St (look for colourful yarn bombed trees in the parkland)
Bus and Tram stops at door; heaps of bike parking.

10am-1pm Saturday 7th June

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