Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Grants available for establishing new school gardens

In 2014, the Victorian Schools Garden Awards is pleased to introduce a new Grants Program. 

This program is designed to provide seed funding to schools to establish new gardens. This funding program will be held in tandem with the Awards program, which recognises existing and new school gardens and the achievements of students and the school community in school gardening.

New Grant Categories include:
  • New Sustainability Garden: two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • New Edible Garden: two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • NGIV Biodiversity Garden; two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • Sensory Garden; two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500 each
  • Maintenance Grant: two per category statewide = 8 grants @ $500
  • Getting Started Pack: one per category per regional catchment = 32 packs @ $250 redeemable vouchers and packs of in-kind contribution from NGIV supporters
  • School Backyard Makeover Pack: Plants and nursery products from NGIV members to the value of $2,250
  • Orchard Establishment Grant: one donated orchard statewide @ $1,000
  • Turf Establishment Grant: four turf packages statewide @ $4,500 each
Grant applications are now open and will close at 5pm on Friday 27 June 2014. Applicants will be notified by 18 July 2014 of the success of their application.

Who can apply?
The VSGA Grants Program is open to all State Government, Catholic and Independents schools across Victoria.
Priority will be given to schools that have not received a Victorian Schools Garden Award in the last 12 months.

What activities does the VSGA Grants Program support?
  • Purchase of plants/seedlings for inclusion in the garden project
  • Edible gardens (e. Vegetable gardens and bush tucker gardens)
  • Gardens that are water-wise
  • Gardens that encourage biodiversity
  • Composting, worm farms, green-waste recycling activities
  • Native or indigenous gardens
  • Sensory or butterfly gardens
  • Purchase of gardening equipment (capped at 50% of the value of the grant)
  • Establishment of an orchard
  • Creation of a turfed area within school grounds
What doesn’t the VSGA Grants Program support?
Funding from the VSGA Grants program should not be used for the following activities:
  • Purchase of water tanks or irrigation infrastructure (exceeding 50% of the grants value)
  • Purchase of chicken coop/run materials (exceeding 50% of the grant value)
  • Purchase of gardening equipment exceeding 50% of the grant value
  • Construction or upgrade of seating
  • General beautification of the school
  • Administration or labour costs
  • Purchase of lawnmowers
  • Purchase of cooking equipment
  • Construction of garden sheds
Preference will be given to applications which:
Demonstrate strong student involvement and directly engage students with on-ground gardening activities
  • Are linked to educational outcomes for the school community
  • Are supported by the wider community
  • Are part of an ongoing commitment to promoting gardening activities within the school environment
Your application will be assessed on:
  • Expected educational benefits
  • Expected involvement of students in the project, and beyond
  • Community support for the project
  • Project budget
  • Merit and need

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